The Complete List of Internet Providers in the US

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Internet Providers in the U.S.

We've found 2713 internet service providers in the US. Below are statistics on their coverage and download speeds. Enter your zip code above to see which internet providers offer service in your area.

MIcom19,41910.7+ mbps
Mountain West Telephone19,4081
New Horizon Communications19,33013
Sharon Telephone19,3274100+ mbps
Dickey Rural Networks19,2762
Madison Communications Company19,2671
TelAlaska19,24211.5+ mbps
Brainstorm Internet19,2341100+ mbps
Warwick Broadband Service19,2151
Otter Tail Telcom19,2061
TXOL Internet19,18410.7+ mbps
Wireless LINC19,1712100+ mbps
Citizens Fiber19,1541
CalNeva Broadband19,1412100+ mbps
Hart Telephone Company19,0871
Big Bend Telephone Company19,0681
Dnet Internet Services18,9941
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative18,9592
Starwire Technologies18,90010.7+ mbps
Taylor Telephone Cooperative18,8001
Airplexus, Inc.18,7471
Nittany Media18,5441
Ellerbe Telephone Company18,41516.0+ mbps
Limestone Cablevision18,3021
PUD Pend Oreille18,2171
Kudu Systems18,20916.0+ mbps
Keystone Communications18,2021
Bakken Wireless18,1021
Coalfields Telephone Company18,0971
Garden Valley Telephone Company17,9461
Double Dog17,9111
DSLbyAir17,8825100+ mbps
Chickamauga Telephone Corporation17,8731
Hotwire Communications17,7755
Bspeedy Wireless17,6721
Concord Light Broadband17,6681
City of Dublin17,6381
Okanogan PUD17,5191
Scatter Creek InfoNet17,5091
Chariton Valley Telephone17,4511
North Central Communications17,4492
Atlantech Online17,3936
Bardstown Cable TV17,3621100+ mbps
Spirit Communications17,3472
Yucca Telecom17,3041
Brantley Telephone17,2851
CIS Wireless Broadband17,2831
Tullahoma Utilities Board17,2611
Pottawatomie Telephone Company17,2381
Beaver Creek Telephone Company17,2041
Southern Coastal Cable17,1891
GOCO Wireless17,1581
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company17,1482
Flint River Communications17,1301
Common Networks17,1291
New Visions17,1181
Twin Valley Telephone17,0841
Volcano Internet Provider17,0741
Piedmont Communications17,0561
Duo County Telecom17,0501
Pendleton Fiber Company17,0171
West Texas Rural Telephone Coop16,9891
24-7 Telcom16,96816.0+ mbps
Nebraska Central Telephone16,8571
Datavision Communications16,8451
Gaslight Media16,79716.0+ mbps
TVC16,7791100+ mbps
West Wisconsin Telcom16,7021
VersaLink16,60010.7+ mbps
Skywave Wireless16,58211.5+ mbps
Rochester Telephone Company16,5641
Chatham Wireless16,5421100+ mbps
Chatmoss Cablevision16,4531100+ mbps
StratusWave Communications16,41533.0+ mbps
Loretto Communication Services16,4081100+ mbps
Web Fire Communications16,3731100+ mbps
Kraus Cable16,3691
Cherokee Communications16,345125+ mbps
Boycom16,3391100+ mbps
Fusion Media16,2591
Reedsburg Utility Commission16,2291
West Alabama TV Cable16,2211100+ mbps
Sooner Wireless16,20116.0+ mbps
Mark Twain Communications16,180110+ mbps
Integrated Networks16,1631

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