Providers Offering Copper Service

We've found 250 providers offering Copper service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Google Fiber Webpass 1000 mbps
509FIBER 1000 mbps
Communication Services 100 mbps
Full Service Network 0 mbps
802Networks 150 mbps
Willits Online 3 mbps
SKT 1.5 mbps
Verizon Business 0 mbps
TPx Communications 0 mbps
Fusion Connect 0 mbps
Spectrotel 0 mbps
Windstream 0 mbps
GTT Communications 0 mbps
Access One Inc 3 mbps
Allstream 0 mbps
C Spire Business Solutions 12 mbps
Call One 1.5 mbps
Vocal IP Networx 45 mbps
altafiber 0 mbps
Global Cloud Xchange 905 mbps
CenturyLink 1000 mbps
Panterra 100 mbps
One Ring Networks 1000 mbps
NetFortris 0 mbps
T2 Technologies 50 mbps
EXA Infrastructure 0 mbps
WorxOne 10 mbps
ICS Advanced Technologies 1000 mbps
Telefonica USA 0 mbps
Everstream 0 mbps
AccessMedia3 1000 mbps
LOGIX Fiber Networks 0 mbps
Allied Telecom Group 0 mbps
Upstream Network 1000 mbps
Zayo 0 mbps
Tata Communications 0 mbps
Impulse Internet Services 15 mbps
US Signal Company 0 mbps
Consolidated Communications 100 mbps
Utility Telecom 0 mbps
Netrix 0 mbps
Astound Business Solutions Powered by RCN 1000 mbps
NetCarrier Telecom 0 mbps
AssetBlack 100 mbps
Mammoth Networks 50 mbps
First Communications 0 mbps
TEC 25 mbps
Blackfoot Communications 30 mbps
InterGlobe 0 mbps
Xclutel Communications 0 mbps
TeleComp Computer Services 45 mbps
Tailwind 0 mbps
Socket 0 mbps
Astound Broadband Powered by Wave 1000 mbps
Xtel Communications 0 mbps
Telesystem 602 mbps
Atlantech Online 0 mbps
Advanced Integrated 6 mbps
Aureon 30 mbps
Syringa Networks 0 mbps
APXnet 0 mbps
NUVISIONS 100 mbps
Comporium Communications 1.5 mbps
Sail Internet 1000 mbps
Lumos Networks 10 mbps
Smartaira 1000 mbps
CS Technologies 0 mbps
Georgia Public Web 0 mbps
LS Networks 40 mbps
South Central Communications 15 mbps
Tierzero 0 mbps
Plumas Sierra Telecommunications 50 mbps
CallTower 6 mbps 300 mbps
Brainstorm Internet 300 mbps
Port Networks 400 mbps
DataBank 1000 mbps
Dobson Fiber 1.5 mbps
Jabo Communications 0 mbps
Sterling Communications 0 mbps
Visionary Communications 100 mbps
SNET 0 mbps
Aero Communications 0 mbps
Leaco 60 mbps
InfoStructure 15 mbps
Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph 0 mbps
Claro Internet 0 mbps
Sonic 12 mbps
Silver Star Telecom 1000 mbps
DigitalAgent 50 mbps
Raw Bandwidth Communications 0 mbps
Clear Rate Communications 0 mbps
FirstDigital Telecom 12 mbps
Seimitsu 1.4 mbps
Dakota Carrier Network 3 mbps
Brandenburg Telecom 20 mbps
Quantum Communications 10 mbps
TDS Telecom 3 mbps
Northern Telephone and Data 50 mbps

Copper Internet Providers in the USA

Copper internet transmits data over copper cables including T-carrier lines like T1, T3 and Ethernet over Copper (EoC). Some copper connections are not a ready-connect service and may take weeks or months to set up depending on the infrastructure. Providers that offer copper internet service in the US include Verizon Business, GTT Communications, CenturyLink and Windstream among others.

How many copper internet providers are there in the US?

There are 235 copper internet providers in the US. The largest copper providers by coverage are Webpass, JAS Networks, and Pinnacle Communications.

What is copper internet?

Similar to DSL and cable, copper internet uses copper wires in order to deliver service. The main distinction is copper internet is used to describe the other technologies that use copper wires including T1, T3 and Ethernet over Copper (EoC).

Copper broadband connections like T-carrier lines (T1, T3) are a common alternative to fiber or DSL for business internet connections. Unlike mass-market DSL or cable, these connections are often dedicated to your location alone, allowing you to lease direct lines between specific buildings or office locations.

Pros and Cons of Copper Internet


  • Dedicated connections
  • Alternative to fiber
  • Business class services
  • May be available if other services are unavailable


  • Lengthy installation times
  • High costs
  • Speeds can be slow
  • Signal degrades over distance

What is T1 Broadband?

T-Carrier technologies, like T1, were created to allow increased transmission capacity over twisted copper lines. It allows 24 channels of voice at the same time and is extremely reliable compared to “best effort” small business DSL packages.

For more information on T1 and copper internet providers, see our guide to copper broadband technology.