Copper Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Copper Service

We've found 220 providers offering Copper service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Webpass204,27651000 mbps
12Global3,5891500 mbps
Fourway.net1,1471200 mbps
GTT Communications--5212 mbps
Verizon Business--511000 mbps
CenturyLink--511000 mbps
Windstream--50528 mbps
Birch Communications--481000 mbps
Fusion--431000 mbps
TPx Communications--43100 mbps
Broadview Networks--429.0 mbps
MegaPath--3712 mbps
NetFortris--33100 mbps
Access One Inc--303.0 mbps
Cincinnati Bell--30 mbps
Spectrotel--301000 mbps
APXnet--27500 mbps
Cogent Communications--251000 mbps
Zayo--2347 mbps
Vocal IP Networx--2245 mbps
SNET--213.0 mbps
Global Cloud Xchange--21905 mbps
BullsEye Telecom--203.0 mbps
XO Communications--191000 mbps
NewCloud--1710 mbps
T2 Technologies--1450 mbps
LOGIX Fiber Networks--1345 mbps
AccessMedia3--13500 mbps
Telesystem--1345 mbps
Allied Telecom Group--12300 mbps
Consolidated Communications--121000 mbps
WorxOne--1210 mbps
Telefonica USA--123.0 mbps
Electric Lightwave--111000 mbps
Blackfoot Communications--1160 mbps
Tailwind--103.0 mbps
Tata Communications--9 mbps
Hotwire Communications--81000 mbps
InterGlobe--8500 mbps
Everstream--71000 mbps
Socket--745 mbps
Telnet Worldwide--71.5 mbps
Mammoth Networks--620 mbps
ICS Advanced Technologies--6250 mbps
US Signal Company--61000 mbps
VoDa Networks--6300 mbps
One Ring Networks--51000 mbps
GCI Communication--5100 mbps
RCN Business Solutions--51000 mbps
Atlantech Online--550 mbps
C Spire Business Solutions--5 mbps
NetCarrier Telecom--46.0 mbps
TEC--4100 mbps
Big River Telephone--43.0 mbps
FirstLight--445 mbps
First Communications--41000 mbps
TeleComp Computer Services--445 mbps
TDS Telecom--445 mbps
Magna5--430 mbps
Advanced Integrated--36.0 mbps
Utility Telecom--3100 mbps
AssetBlack--3100 mbps
Tierzero--31000 mbps
Georgia Public Web--3500 mbps
Wave G--31000 mbps
SyncGlobal Telecom--34.0 mbps
Harbor Communications--320 mbps
Aureon--330 mbps
Skywire Networks--345 mbps
Arena One--320 mbps
Citynet--350 mbps
Comporium Communications--21.5 mbps
Aero Communications--21.5 mbps
GWI--252 mbps
Leaco--260 mbps
LS Networks--2100 mbps
Lumos Networks--210 mbps
Lightbound--21000 mbps
CS Technologies--2300 mbps
Syringa Networks--21000 mbps
South Central Communications--220 mbps
Sterling Communications--250 mbps
Pinnacle Communications--240 mbps mbps
Visionary Communications--2100 mbps
Transtelco--2200 mbps
Celito--24.0 mbps
Bluebird Broadband Services--21.5 mbps
NUVISIONS--21000 mbps
NP Information Systems--250 mbps
Enqwest--120 mbps
Advantage Telecom--11.5 mbps
Alaska Communications--11000 mbps
GeoLinks--1100 mbps
Kinetix--120 mbps
PogoZone--11000 mbps
CallTower--120 mbps
Datavo - Business Data & Voice Solutions--120 mbps
Plumas Sierra Telecommunications--150 mbps
South Valley Internet--115 mbps

Copper Internet Services

Copper broadband connections like T-carrier lines (T1, T3) are a common alternative to Fiber or DSL for business Internet connections. Unlike mass-market DSL or Cable, these connections are often dedicated to your location alone, allowing you to lease direct lines between specific buildings or office locations.

According to our latest data, there are 220 providers that offer copper services like T1 still operating.

What is T1 Broadband?

T-Carrier technologies like T1 were created to allow increased transmission capacity over twisted copper lines. It allows 24 channels of voice at the same time, and is extremely reliable compared to “best effort” smb DSL packages.

For more information on T1 and copper Internet providers, see our guide to copper broadband technology.

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