Cox Customer Reviews Summary


As of February 2021, BroadBandNow’s editorial team has surveyed 123 Cox Communications customers and asked them to rate Cox on 6 different criteria - Reliability, Speed, Equipment, Support, Interaction, and Value.

Overall Cox customers rated them a 3.6 out of 5, which is ranked 3rd of the 10 internet provider customers we surveyed in our study.

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Cox Communications Internet Customer Reviews

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Best Technician Ever!

W Patterson on December 20, 2022

Cox Technician is hands down “the” best technician that’s ever come to my home. He was professional, and knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and worked all day long to singlehandedly install my Homelife security system, which was no easy task given the layout of my home. And of course, the system works great. If at all possible, I will request him by name for future service calls.

Tornado damage.

Richard Spaulding on December 16, 2022

Tornado went over the house last Tuesday. Since then I have no wifi/internet connection. Worked fine before. Agent tried to troubleshoot but no success. I was asked if I wanted a tech to come out for $75. Really $75? I'll call the office on Monday. 4 lost days of wifi due to tornado and I'm being charged for an act of mother nature. Merry Christmas Cox Cable.

Customer Service

Akebia on December 01, 2022

Cox customer service is very reliable & efficient. Agent Dwayne had great etiquette and patience while assisting me with my WiFi glitch, and scheduled me an appointment for a new box to avoid constant problems. 5-star customer service.

Excellent Service Technician # 30580

Fred Cooperwood on November 29, 2022

I had a reception error on my home cable TV receiver. Your technician Adrian # 30580 performed a very professional and correct procedural fix of my cable TV system.

Always having issues

Sjanal Coons on November 18, 2022

Almost every night and day, we seem to have an outage, unfortunately, if you attend school and have class or work remotely, this is not a company you want to pair with due to the many issues they have.

Cox Service Employee

Angela Hackworth on November 16, 2022

Called Cox for a service request order! Had trouble with the internet wifi! Husband had spoken to two people who told him the problem could be in the Modem! This is a newly built and we’ve been here for 20 months! Why the heck would the modem wind up causing problems? Tech came out and went to the actual Cox box on the property, started pulling out the underground cable line, and replaced it with a new one! He did what he had to do, working from the Cox box on the property to going to the electrical box as well! He even came into the house and checked the Modem we just picked up on Monday the 14th! He noticed a smell to the left of the electrical box and heard a slight hissing sound coming from the gas valve! He alerted both homeowners. We went into action!!!! Fire personnel trucks came out as well as the guy from the Southwest Gas company!!! The valve was checked and sprayed with a chemical that created bubbles, and we knew we had a problem and were actually smelling gas!!! The valve was tightened, the gas man checked the whole perimeter of the house, and ensured us that we were safe! Thank you, for alerting us and jumping into action while keeping a cool head, friendly demeanor, and great customer service! We owe you a big thank you! I came out and smelled gas as well as my husband! It wasn’t after all the old modem, but was actually old cables that needed replacing, on a newly built home! Still unbelievable! We just moved in here on 2-5-21!

Excellent Service!

Cheryl Thummel on November 12, 2022

My cable wasn't working. I disconnected and restarted. Still no cable. I called my local Salina, KS Cox Store, and was referred to a technician in Virginia. That made me nervous because I wanted to speak to someone local. However, the tech in Virginia was such a kind, patient woman. I told her I wanted a technician to come to my house to solve the problem. She said technicians were working on issues with Contour in my area and that service should be restored in a few hours. She set up texting notifications. I was notified that the service had been restored. But my cable was not working. A call to the tech and efforts to restore the service led to the obvious need for a tech to visit my house. He came at 8:00 the next morning, replaced the Contour box, and all is well. I don't have many issues with Cox Cable, but when I do I ask for a technician to come to my house. They come promptly and are always kind and courteous and knowledgeable. I am always pleased with my Cox service.

Excellent Rep from COX

Paul Song on November 11, 2022

WE were down with our Cox services and we have to say we were blessed to have our service rep tech guy. He was very pleasant, and professional and informed us of the necessary things needed to help us get restored again. We cannot thank them enough!! Thank you so much :)

Very Unreliable

Kaitlin on November 09, 2022

From day 1 of our experience with Cox, their internet is unreliable. We have outages several times a day. The modem resets on its own. We’ve called over a dozen times and had 5 different technicians come out with no solution. We use their modem and have had it replaced 3 times. When we call, they ask if the light is currently white and stable on the modem and if it is, they say well your connection is fine. They don’t even understand that the modem regularly resets and boots are off the internet because atm the light is white. When you call customer service you have to repeat the same old same old every time and they still never get it. Don’t pay for or choose this service if you can.

Amazing internet and customer service

Xavier Naquin on October 13, 2022

Customer service representative is a very understanding and knowledgeable person that really helps with what you need and is all very understanding. Will definitely be using their services again hopefully my next experience is as good as this one was!

Cox reliability internet - NOT

Dennis J Snyder on September 17, 2022

I can have outages lasting several hours as much as twice a week. I work from home and purchased the hundred dollar package and also changed to the fifty dollar package and internet speed had no noticeable difference plus outages weren’t improved in either case. Customer tech support is accessible through customer service only and hadn’t been able to answer basic outage inquiries.

Great when it works

Michael Thompson on September 10, 2022

Outages in the internet and telephone service are frequent and difficult to resolve. Cox Tech. Support is slow and ineffective, My average time on the phone with them exceeds 30 minutes, without resolution. Technicians canceling appointments are routine rather than an exception. It has taken years to get reliable phone service and it still does not work.

Great service from tech

Mike Worley on September 08, 2022

Our phone system went down this afternoon, Thursday, September 8th, and the tech was very courteous, helpful, and patient with us as she determined what the issue was and then went about resetting our system. It took some time to reset and she took the time to chat with us and answer any questions. After the reset, our phone system worked beautifully. She was awesome. If every experience we have in contacting Cox for our needs continues to be like this experience, we will always be a Cox customer. Thanks!

The best service performance

Ella Hintersteiner on August 30, 2022

This young tech came to our home and fixed whatever needed to be fixed. He did not leave till everything was checked out and working the way it was supposed to be. Highly recommended.

Great customer service!

Rosemary on August 17, 2022

Tech came out to install a router for new internet service. He was on time, professional, and very kind. The original line had been cut, so he had to install a brand new line. This was certainly unexpected and took a few hours, but even in Arizona's extreme heat, he remained positive and patient. We were so fortunate to have him as our technician!

I should get a discount for constantly having to fix their equipment

Kristine K Saraiva on August 07, 2022

The cable box reboots almost daily and gets stuck on boot, I have to reboot it several times before it works, try to do reboot through the app it tells me nothing is wrong EVERY time! Meanwhile, I am spending a lot of time a week trying to fix it so i can watch what they overcharge me almost $200 dollars a month.

Outstanding service

Lee on August 03, 2022

I had an additional cable box placed in my garage. The cox representative was on time, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and possessed a pleasant deposition. He was very efficient and performed the work expeditiously, never compromising workmanship. Based on his performance I would definitely recommend Cox communications to my family and friends.

Super nice employee!

Courtney Blaylock on July 21, 2022

I am setting up my internet for the first time moving into a new apartment and the tech was so nice! He was very easy to talk to and made setting up the internet super easy. I can’t speak about the value as I just set it up today but so far I am very happy with my initial experience!

Cox Fiber Internet Residential Service!

Gerald Hampton on May 20, 2022

I'm not sure why the reports for Cox Fiber Internet service say it's ONLY available to business customers. Yes, we do have the business version where I work HOWEVER, I've had Cox's Residential Fiber Internet for over three (3) years! My service node is across the street from my house. Cox installers used the old coax cable to pull fiber cable thru the "under the street" conduit to the demarc point on the side of my house. They then ran fiber into my home office and terminated it at an ONT. Their residential Fiber Internet service is called "Gigablast". I initially got it, through a promo discount of $99/mo with NO installation fee. My current monthly cost is $10 higher. The service reliability & speed have been FANTASTIC! Speed test results consistently show Ping as 2-3ms and my download/upload speeds at about 945Mbps.

Top Notch!

Merrenessa on April 29, 2022

Tech was super helpful and knowledgeable with his work. He was friendly with us and our dog. Such a wonderful guy and did a very good job setting up everything that needs to be set up at home. He made sure that our wifi, home automation, and cables are all working properly. I recommend him for any job.

No way to leave Cox Cable in Irvine

Kelley Doyle on March 31, 2022

In Irvine, you are 100% locked into Cox Cable no other providers are allowed unless you have the ability to have a satellite dish. Customer service is absolutely terrible, their system doesn't work well. internet service is really bad, cable service goes in and out! Hopefully one day the complete lock-out of other companies will be overridden and can get some decent service. I'm sure you would not choose this company if you had a choice. Internet that will barely stream anything paying over $230 a month and it goes up all the time!

Installation Review

Brady Flanigan on March 23, 2022

Tech was super helpful and quick with his work. He was friendly with us and our dog. Along with being knowledgeable and helpful.

Customer Service

Luis Marquez on February 11, 2022

Hello, I recently had to cancel my cable service for personal reasons and called in to do so. A young lady out of Las Vegas helped me and was super nice and courteous. Awesome person. She gave me instructions on turning in my cable boxes which I did so today. I arrived at my local store on Northwest Expy in OKC a little early so I waited until they opened. Once I saw they were open I approached the door and a young man said very directly "you need a mask to come in" uh... ok No mandates in our state but I'll comply. Immediately once I walked in I was greeted by a young lady who was extremely helpful and kind. I overheard the young man helping an older woman, he said" you're missing a piece of equipment, it's ours. This guy needs some serious customer service training. The other rep was awesome, she even helped COX retain me as a customer for the internet service.

Great Customer Services

Lateef on February 07, 2022

I would like to take the time to express my gratitude and appreciation for the rep. She was kind, patient, a great listener, knowledgeable and provided great customer service in resolving my issue - Thank you!

Outstanding Customer Service

Cheesecake on October 09, 2021

I had to downgrade my internet plan significantly simply to save money. My new cheaper service plan was not reflecting properly on my account after several days so I called customer service. I was fortunate to talk to someone through his outstanding service, he worked a great deal for me that was ever so beneficial. Now I am saving money as intended and have a great internet plan for my needs. Thank you.

So happy

Susanne Granier on September 09, 2021

The service tech that came and helped us on 9-9-2021 was a great employee, so professional, and took the time to help and get all my phones working again! I was unsure about going back to Cox but so glad I did now! Thank you and to everyone who answered my calls and helping me get my phones figured out!!

Thanks for repairman

Klharrell on August 20, 2021

Horrible experience with reporting the incident when the tractor hit a pole and ripped the internet line. Systems do not support and would not get me through to a live agent for a long time. Agent today who came to my house was incredible and redeemed your company. He was professional and cared about our issues. We did not complain to him about the system Cox uses for reporting incidents that do not apply to any of the menu choices and would not put me into a queue to speak with a live person. HE WAS GREAT, YOU NEED PEOPLE LIKE HIM!

Good....when the service is up

Jason on August 19, 2021

I only have internet; which is very pricey. 150/mo for unlimited data and only mid-tier speed (150mbps). Lately, the service is down more than it's up. Thankfully, they do have decent customer service. I do have to chat or call in every day for a daily service credit; which they do grant every day they have service interruptions or outages. They say they are working on it, but It's been almost a whole week with daily interruptions. I work from home and it is almost impossible to get any work done.

Good customer service

Sherry on June 28, 2021

I called cox about our internet bill going up from one month to the next. The first time I called I was talking to a customer service representative and we got disconnected. I called a second time and had a longer wait time to talk to a customer service rep. This time, the rep was very helpful. He explained our bill and helped us get another discount, and explained how the discount works. I appreciate his customer service skills and how helpful he was. He was even able to get my name on the account, which helps since I call about our Cox bill even though my husband signed up for internet. Thank you for your wonderful customer service skills. Our automated world makes customer service less user-friendly and makes companies seem less caring, but once getting a hold of the company it was nice to receive good customer service. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because of the long wait time and being disconnected the first time. I give 5 stars for wonderful customer service.

Excellent service provided by knowledgeable service technician

Chris Camiolo on June 07, 2021

My wife and I had a unique dilemma that we hoped for an expert technician to arrive. Two previous service technicians were not able to provide a solution and quite frankly the information provided was anything but helpful. On Thursday or Friday, May 27th or 28th, a very knowledgeable technician is what we got. In addition, we have some extenuating health issues which he was very respectful towards. Thank you for that as well. After his careful inspection of the problem, he was able to locate the issue, something that eluded prior techs, and worked on getting to its awkward location and FIXED IT. Prior to this we had been 6 months without or large screen and watched all movies etc on our iPad. Needless to say, my wife and I were ecstatic! Without a doubt, he is exactly what Cox needs more of, technicians that not only take the time and actually possess the knowledge of these systems but also want to help the customer to the very best of his ability and service. Again thank you! You know how happy you made us both.

Excellent & Reliable

Jim Leggett on May 16, 2021

I was a Cox customer for 8 years in Kansas before we recently moved to Utah. They were very reliable and fast. Customer service was always great! I really wish Cox would come to Utah. Internet options here are limited and the market seems to be monopolized but one or two companies want to overcharge and under-deliver.

Excellent Tech Support

Craig Francks on April 20, 2021

On April 20th, 2021 I was assisting a friend with her Cox internet problem she was having. We contacted Cox tech support. We reached a very friendly and helpful individual from Oklahoma. He spent at least 30 minutes diagnosing our problem, which required troubleshooting the connection speed, resetting the modem more than once. With his assistance, we were able to resolve the internet connection problem, which ended up being a modem software problem solved by a factory reset of the modem. He was very polite, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. He went the extra mile to check the connection speed several times after resetting the modem, which he didn't really have to do, but he was very thorough. One of my best customer experiences with Cox.

COX specialist in Mesa, provided outstanding service on 3-27-2021

Rj Cummings on March 27, 2021

It was necessary for me to unplug my COX cable modem, return it to a COX store, receive a new cable modem, take it home and spend time getting it working. Not something I wanted to do on a Saturday. Luckily, I was assisted by a specialist in this transaction. He processed the return of my old cable modem, showed me that my monthly bill would be lower, activated a new cable modem for me, and suggested several ideas that would get my home internet back up quickly. Internet connectivity configuration can be tedious, even on the best of days. Today was different. Using his suggestions, my home internet was working in just five minutes after attaching the power cord and coaxial connection to the modem. No online support chats, no longer support phone calls. Certainly, the easiest reconfiguration one could expect. He probably helps 30 store visitors per day, but just know that one of those visitors greatly appreciates your personal attention and flawless execution of the tasks involved to keep a COX internet customer very satisfied.

Customer Service- Bad then GOOD!

Jeffrey Abrams on March 24, 2021

A quick 2 cents about customer service. I spoke to a nice rep last month when my monthly bill increased. She was able to decrease it and I paid a prorated amount. My bill this month showed an underpayment due to prorated I was told to pay. I understand that sometimes mistakes happen and thought this was an easy fix with a call. I spoke to a person (Isaac) who said that he could not fix the problem and that this was the monthly bill amount. My smile went to a frown. Maybe I caught him on a bad day-not a good customer experience. I then called back and spoke to a really nice person. She had a smile in her voice and quickly fixed the problem. She was the epitome of what great customer service should be.

Cox TV review

Drenda on January 22, 2021

TV cable seems to always be going out or they are having trouble. Takes too long to get a tech to your home. Customer service is nice.

Great customer service

Gaege on January 22, 2021

I recently had an Issue with my wifi and my rep Steven W. was able to resolve my issue quickly and efficiently.


Gary Kolek on January 14, 2021

I had trouble on my phone for quite a while and had a few "techs" come out here to fix it. After about 6 different "techs" came out here, it took Robert Montijo and his helper/assistant/co-worker (didn't get his name) to notice that the wire that was supposed to be underground was just laying on top of the dirt. Robert checked the wire and found some "spongy" sections of the wire. After Robert and the other "tech" rewired all of the outside wire and put it safely against my house, the problem is solved. Robert also did a "follow up" with me to make sure the problem no longer existed. As he said, "I want to own the job I do and make sure it is done right". I appreciate what he has done and Cox is fortunate to have him in their employ. It's just a shame that it took so long for someone to actually go outside and check the wiring.

So many issues for such a high price

Tom Jones on January 11, 2021

First, you never, ever get 1 gb. I usually only get about 500mb, or half, of the promised speed, and often in the afternoon it's about a third of that. Had people out to fix it several times and they always have a different excuse as to why it doesn't work. Average number of outages. Problems with emails.

Excellent Field Representatives

Douglas Aleshire on December 08, 2020

I was having trouble with Cox internet, it was working intermittently. A service call was scheduled but I had to wait 2 days. Upon arrival, Field Service Representative Lot Ledezma immediately worked on the issue. As a home business, internet is crucial in communicating with clients/vendors. There was no record of the issues I explained and no immediate reason for the problem. Lot was kind enough to give me his business card so that if I had the problem again to call and let him know. Again the problem arose, I called Lot and the very next day, Lot and Field Technical Specialist Robert Godlove attacked the situation I was having. Through troubleshooting techniques and daylight diminishing, they replaced items and solved the problem with excellent results. My internet runs faster than before and no more down time to deal with. As a long time Cox customer, I want to sincerely thank these men for caring about Cox customers and Cox for hiring the best to resolve my issues.

5 Star customer service agent

George Purinton on December 05, 2020

My Cox bill had many additional incorrect charges. My customer service rep. Vykeria was awesome. Thanks.

Wonderful Customer Support Experience

Mike Serafino on October 14, 2020

I just got off the phone with one of your front-line support associates. When I called in I was a bit frustrated and abrupt. She's polite, calm response quickly set me at ease and she promptly dealt with my problem. If I had a company I would be really excited to have such a wonderful individual as an employee. Great job COX!!!

Outstanding Field Techs and Supervisors

Tyson And May Eager on September 29, 2020

We have been having a problem with our internet since hurricane Sally came through and after being on the phone with the call center for over an hour yesterday I was finally able to make an appointment to have someone come out to our house. Unfortunately, the lady on the phone disconnected both of our modems and left us with no internet at all. So today the Cox Communications Field Supervisor came to fix our system and replace the old modem and did such an amazing job. He spent a few hours at our house making sure that our entire system was fully operational and even went out of his way to contact the call center himself to fix what they had messed up. Just want to say thank you for going above and beyond and doing such an outstanding job to fix our internet.

Great customer service

Mary Holmes on August 31, 2020

After several failed attempts to resolve a billing issue and being disconnected, I had the pleasure of having help from a rep. She handled all my concerns and with a very pleasant attitude. Employees like her are hard to find.

Great Customer Service

Lorena on August 27, 2020

To the people at Cox that helped me over the phone, I wanted to say that they are the reason why Cox has great customer service. They were all kind, professional, and patient with me! I felt welcomed by each individual. They were attentive to my needs and were extremely helpful in making sure that I was helped in any way possible! If there was a survey for these individuals I’d give them a strong 5 star!! Thank you to everyone!

Great customer service

Craig T. Bowles on August 07, 2020

Was on the phone for 6 hours over 2 days with the company I purchased a router from and they could not get it working. Cox came out within days and got everything working. Tech was fantastic. Very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks, Cox, I am a happy camper.

Outstanding customer service

Debra on July 16, 2020

My cable has not been programmed in weeks due to COVID, I couldn't get a technician to come out. I called for technical help to guide me through the process step by step. Thank you so much for being so helpful. Outstanding customer service.

Very Helpful and Pleasant

Lori L on July 01, 2020

I'm writing to say that I had a very pleasant experience with a representative from Arizona. She was able to bypass several steps for me to get my modem set up, but she was kind, conversational, and knowledgable at the same time. I wish I knew how to let her supervisor know what a great job she did for me. Barring that, I'm writing this to say my experience with this representative was superior!

Customer service rep from Alabama

Sean Leister on July 01, 2020

I called in to have my service shut down and he said he was working in Alabama. Not only was he extremely helpful, but we actually had a great conversation as well. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a customer service representative from any company. That guy deserves a raise. Thanks for the great service. Once I move into my new apartment in Florida I will definitely choose Cox as my internet provider if they have branches in the Florida keys.

Just OK!

Jacob Otxoavalles on June 29, 2020

I have the bundle package which includes internet, all premium channels, WIFI, and telephone. I'm disappointed due to the fact that most of the better movies are filtered to the movie hoarders such as Netflix and Prime Video and the remainder are filtered to the premium channels. Not happy!

Great Customer Service

Nicole on June 25, 2020

My Uncle has been having issues with his TV and Cox came out this week to figure out the issue. Tech was wonderful from start to finish. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. He fixed the issue and answered all questions. Didn't feel rushed. It's nice to have that type of service especially now. Thank you!


David/tonka Quni on June 16, 2020

Hello, I hope this reaches someone that can assure this individual gets the recognition he deserves from keeping a Cox customer from almost switching their ISP, just due to how AMAZING this experience was. On May 7, 2020 our home internet was not properly giving us the speeds we have been paying for. In the past, any issues I've had with calling customer service, it was a nightmare of holds and lengthy trial and error attempts. This however, was nothing like that. The rep that helped steer the troubled ship from a complete disaster was able to help get our speeds back to the way they were and would go out of his way to find an answer which he was unsure of. That to me, was the shining moment. Having someone get an answer for you instead of trying to 'beat around the bush' with a response. When I called, I had every intention of taking off our Internet package, he was the reason I will stick with Cox for the many more years to come.

Internet service ok, cable not so much

Brandonsherman on June 13, 2020

The internet has been dependable for the most part (mostly just regular maintenance). However, plans get expensively fast for decent speed. The cable box on the other hand is the worst, it lags so much at times it's practically unusable. When trying to search any on-demand functions, it sometimes takes minutes for button presses to update, it also can take 20 minutes to scroll down a list of on-demand shows to find the show you want oftentimes overshooting back and forth many times due to excessive button delay. The box often gets confused about what channels are supposed to be in your plan and what channels aren't. Telling you that you need to subscribe to channels that you should already have. (This happens a lot with On demand as well when trying to watch things like HBO On demand.) If you call and complain, they tell you can upgrade to a newer box at a monthly price increase.

Superior customer service

John on June 12, 2020

I'd recently placed an order for the WiFi MESH Pods which were supposed to be delivered this week, but when the promised date passed, I called to speak to someone because I normally receive a shipping notification. Well, I paid for them, but the order wasn't put in the system. Yeah, that wasn't good, but these are trying times and I'm up for looking past mistakes, especially when I've always received great customer service. Long story short... A rep in Alabama was so kind and looked into it + she had an outstanding personality AND got it shipped next day to me. She called me back when she'd got everything set-up and to also make sure I hadn't been re-billed for my order. I've always enjoyed talking to their reps and they've always had a great sense of humor, along with empathy.


Lauren on May 27, 2020

My landline phone stopped working, so Cox set up an appointment for the following day for a service pro to come and take a look. My Service Tech, in a short period of time, was able to diagnose and fix the problem. He was on time, knowledgeable, and very professional.

Wonderful Customer Service!

Madison on May 26, 2020

Transferring my service to a new address and was confused by the email confirmation they sent me so I called in and spoke with their customer support who is amazing. She got it all taken care of! Very knowledgeable, quick, and extremely nice!

Great sales associate

Patti on May 11, 2020

I recently signed up with your internet service, I had the pleasure of talking to a sales associate and he was absolutely outstanding. He explained everything to me. He was courteous, & professional. I highly recommend.

Tech from Baton Rouge was amazing

Adriane Ali on April 15, 2020

I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t order pay per view movies. I called customer service twice each time, hold time was 10 plus minutes. Finally got a hold of two different representatives who didn’t take down my account information and immediately told me I needed to be transferred to tech support and both calls were disconnected. Finally called back for tech support still waited 20 minutes, but once I spoke to their tech in Baton Rouge, I immediately felt at ease and was not angry anymore about being hung up twice by the prior two representatives. She was patient, professional, and went above and beyond to solve my problem. Thank you so much for helping me.

Awesome Customer Service

Loretta Banks on April 08, 2020

I had a couple of issues that were handled to my surprise in the kindest, knowledgeable, and professional way. I had the pleasure of speaking with a rep in billing. I’m new to COX. With all that is going on in the world and the changes we are all forced to make, she handled my call with grace and patience. That rep truly made my day. I hope the whole Cox family provides great assistance as well as customer service. Thank you.

Great Customer Service

Maury Morgan on March 31, 2020

I want to personally thank your customer service, they were very helpful and very understanding. They helped me out step by step and now I’m back connected to the world. Thank you!

Thanks for customer support

Hyong Pae on March 05, 2020

I would like to share my experience with one of your customer representatives on March 2, 2020. That day, there was a technical issue with my home phone. At first, it was a terrible experience. Several reps that I first contacted failed to resolve the issue. These reps were rude, kept pushing unneeded upgrades, then shut off internet connection eventually right after one rep hung up on me. During the fourth attempt in reaching out to Cox, as it was time to cancel my home phone service, I finally connected with this particular rep. She was kind, tremendously patient, and genuinely interested in solving my problem. As an old guy who's more comfortable in the analog world, I appreciate the great customer service demonstrated by her. As long as devoted employees, such as her, continue to resolve my issues, I will gladly continue my business with Cox Communications.

Great tech

Eric on February 01, 2020

Irving Dillon Stopped by today (1 Feb 20) on time. He was very patient with the older person he was assisting. Super guy. You should spot reward him and let him know that his professional and understanding demeanor put Cox in a great light.

Reliability in Question

Anonymous on January 02, 2020

While the speed is very good, too many times there is no speed at all. Unfortunately, reliability is extremely bad, and sometimes we are forced to use cellular for important tasks because we are afraid that in the middle of doing whatever we are doing the connection will shut down. When we call for help, we get assistance but the service doesn't really fix anything.

Fast Service

Daisy on December 26, 2019

I accidentally pressed the TV input in our contour remote on a Christmas Day. I asked for help in their support live chat and on their landline customer service, they made system resetting on our cable box, and unfortunately, we cannot fix it. They advised that a technician needs to go to our house to check. Today, their technician went to our house did the work, pressed some keys on the remote and the tv is now okay. Cox's service is very good and very responsive.

The best representative ever

Johnny on December 17, 2019

Mindy in the billing department, I hope u are reading this or get acknowledged for this statement I am about to give. I have had the worst experience of all with Cox and I was on the phone with 6 different representatives who kept telling me different reasons why I was getting billed a ridiculous about of money and I had to repeat my story for 2 whole hours before I met Mindy from the billing department. She helped me understand that I was not getting over charged for opening an account or by transferring accounts. Mindy explained to me that there were charges not meant to be there and she took care of it. And she explained to me what I was getting billed the remainder for and I was so relieved and understood everything she told me. In such a state where I was so angry, she spoke to me in a calm but vocal voice to where I can hear each word. I thank you so much Mindy for helping me even when I already canceled Cox. I wish you forever patience in your job in the future.

Cox Cable is The Worst Provider Ever

Tammy Braun on December 09, 2019

I have been a customer for over 20 years. The first 10 years was doable and fine. After 10 years of having cable and internet, I noticed Cox constantly increases the service cost yet provides less service. Customer service has always been rude and will hang up on you just to force you to call again. I would never ever use Cox cable services ever again and I intend to share my bullying experiences with others. If you ask why I dealt with it for so long, it was because I didn’t want to lose my email domain. I have had enough and at this point in time, Cox told me since I went over their cap they are billing me extra. I called prior to this cap to cancel services and they told me to stay until the end of the billing cycle since in theory, I already paid for it. It was a Cox tactic to ensure they would get more money out of me. For 20 years I have never went over any data and there are two adults in this house. Now somehow we went over yet nothing has changed? When I called Cox and spoke to a manager, he refused to waive the overages or help me in anyway. Nice to know a 20-year customer means nothing to them.

Most Unreliable Internet Service Provider

Lazaro Martinez on October 24, 2019

Cox Communications has very convenient “outages” every other day during peak internet usage hours. They claim they don’t throttle internet speeds yet I have been able to watch my speeds being throttled by simply monitoring them. Perfect example, it is currently Thursday, October 24th, 2019 09:07pm. Sure enough, there is an “outage”. Estimated fix time: 05:00pm. That’s almost 24 hours. Cox Communications is a Mediocre Internet Provider at best.

Amazing Customer service

Timothy Noel on October 23, 2019

This is how great Cox customer service can be when you let them help you. I made the mistake of letting someone trick me into letting them in my network. Before i knew what was happening they were in everything, they even wiped out my virus program. When i called Cox for help i was connected to Catherine in the Ohio call center, I explained to her what had happened & how worried i was about everything. Right from the start Catherine said it's going to be OK & i can help you take care of this. Then she said asked me to to take a deep breath & try to relax & i'll get started. Catherine was the most caring, understanding & thoughtful person you got hope for & just as smart. She started with the network & cleared every program they had installed. Then she asked me a few questions about my laptop at which time you asked me for permission to access it in order to make sure that no program was left behind which could still allow them access. I said yes & Catherine started going through the files & removed a few more programs they had installed. When she finished she then explained how with my Cox account came a McAfee Virus program which was what i had in my laptop. She then reinstalled McAfee & helped me set up new pass words for everything. When Catherine was done i felt relief for the first time in twelve hours & when she was finished & i thanked her for everything, she said you don't need to thank me it's me job. I said yes it may be your job but you just don't know i great full i am. So to show just how great full i am wanted Cox to know just how much i appreciate everything Catherine did to save me from what could have been my worst night mare. Catherine is the perfect example of outstanding customer service.

Service Provided Today

James Harris on October 10, 2019

I just want to pass along my appreciation for the great home service that they provided today. Tech is obviously very skilled in dealing with Cox internet products and his timely and accurate response to my Cox problems will be long remembered.

Customer service

Alean Thorpe/theadore Thorpe on September 26, 2019

For over three years we’ve been Cox Communications customers and every year we renew our service. For the first year, we were paying around 85$ to 90$ for around 130-135 channels for one year. Every year after that the price would go up and we would have to sacrifice channels to get the monthly bill to a reasonable amount. It was very frustrating for a loyal customer who had never missed a payment for three years and was getting treated like this. It wasn’t until today Sept.26 2019 that it felt like finally we were treated with decency when a customer service representative actually took the time to look for a plan that allowed us to keep all the channels that we currently had, add one premium channel for no additional cost and the best part of it all, our monthly bill went from 118$ to 114$a month for a year! Cox cable needs more employees like him. He actually cares about the customers he’s helping. Hope to renew our services again through him in a year. Thank you

Internet Tech Support and Homelife

April on August 21, 2019

I cannot thank Colby and Cole for all their help with getting what I needed down as quickly as I did I was very impressed with as many questions and requests that I had they were both patient so I was able to set everything up! Colby transferred me so I didn't have to back through the whole automated system and I have never had a quicker solutions to what I was trying to accomplish!

Excellent service

Olga Yakovenko on July 19, 2019

I would like to thank your company customer care representative who took care of my issue and for her excellent support. About a month ago I requested International call program to be added to my account, but due to a language barrier I didn’t realize that my calls to Ukraine were rated at high Direct Dial calls rate instead of affordable Simply World Wide program rate. On 7/19/19 I called Cox for clarification and they helped me to solve the issue. Support was extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. They ensured that I received all the information regarding the rates. They also solved the problem regarding the service charges which I faced. They have a caring approach and a true professional. Please accept my gratitude for their speedy and efficient assistance.

Happy finally

Lisa Estes on June 23, 2019

Have had problems with my cable working since I moved in in May this year, it has been out more then on , i was at the point the last time it stopped working to cancel my subscription, I called and spoke with Sierra she was wonderful she scheduled to have a technician to come out and check what the problem was , today Sunday Rodney showed up few minutes after 8am, after checking to make sure everything had a signal he started checking and found a extra filter I didn't need, he took it off and everything worked, Sierra and Rodney are the best, if you have a problem ask for them to resolve the problem, finally a happy customer

Honestly surprised

Léa on May 02, 2019

Usually, I expect cable/internet companies to harbor scummy business practices. However, I am delightfully surprised with my experience using Cox. I have been a customer for almost 2 years now. For the first year, they offered me a free security system because I suppose it was some sort of trial for their new security products. I accepted, and very much enjoyed their security system - one camera, a door sensor that told me when it opened/closed, and a switch controlled through the app that turned my main light on/off. It was great for me to check up on my cat/home when I was away. So when that trial ended, I was charged for the home security. After I realized this, I turned off the security service. Then on my last bill, they credited me the money for the months of charged security service! This was unprecedented as I hadn't even called them about the issue. I am impressed with this (what should be basic) business integrity. Cox has a loyal customer in me. :)

Went from great value driven to poor service

David on April 27, 2019

I have been a Cox customer for years. The value they provided (price compared to service) was amazing. There were no data limits, the speed was amazing for the price, and I told everyone I knew to switch. I loved them. Over the years, that has changed. They now have data limits, the prices continue to increase, and the speeds continue to decrease. All tiers have the same data limit and you have to pay extra for more data. What is the point of paying more for a connection speed that will just get you to your limit faster? I will be able to get similar speeds or better without the data cap and for the same price point from another provider. Everyone knows most customer services are unreliable but if Cox is gonna do just the same, I might as well get better speed with no cap. I wanted to provide this feedback directly to Cox but they don't offer an avenue for me to provide this and I won't dare call their sales team for reasons stated above. I wouldn't call tech support because they would just blow me off. So tired of Cox.

Decent, but costly

Anonyx on April 22, 2019

It's decent, sometimes the internet goes out but it happened rarely. Customer service is meh, not much to say about them. The only problem is that it's quite costly but I think it's money well-spent if that means having a good connection.

Very reliable, very low lag, generous bandwidth but at what cost

Anon on January 19, 2019

Gaming, multiple streaming sessions, and cable TV viewing at the 300Mbps level work well (1TB artificial limit is in place). Scores reflect cable pricing issues for the speeds offered and the artificial limits on bandwidth usage. I use my own equipment. Cox hardware for rent is state of the art but rental fees are excessive.

Cox review

Adrian Millard on January 15, 2019

The customer service is about the same as any other company. Very reliable internet service with almost no outages. I get at least the speed I pay for if not more. The main downside is pricing, it can get expensive after promotions expire.

Great customer service

Michael on December 05, 2018

Made an honest mistake about not disconnecting my service when I moved. The manager listened, understood, and adjusted my bill accordingly. The cable and internet service was great as well. Good company. As a business professor, that's the kind of response made by companies that wish to do business in the future.


Sean Mccray on November 07, 2018

I just experienced the absolute BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE representative EVER from any company I have dealt with!! His name is Victor Chavez and his employee ID is B43464! This man deserves a raise because he was more than helpful and knowledgeable, but he was understanding and down to earth as well.... not to mention he understood that sometimes people get into a jam and don't need to be criticized for it!! For reasons like this, I will choose to stay a COX COMMUNICATIONS customer instead of switching to AT&T, which was what I was about to do prior to speaking with Victor!! Thank you so much for your AWESOMENESS!!!! A+++ SERVICE!

Out of all of them, this one has been the best!

Tammy on July 07, 2018

I have tried most of the providers for internet and TV in all my years. Cox is by far the best, maybe a little pricey but better than the rest.

There is no better internet

Mazie on March 10, 2018

Gigablast. What is not to like? I fix computers and help people with their electronics. There is nobody better. I've never had Cox swear at me on the phone like I have with others. My home internet speed is 984Mbps up and down. More expensive, yes, but it just plain works.

Very Good, Very Fast

Cody on November 26, 2017

Highest speed ive had was 428Mbps lowest is 120Mbps

Dependable high speeds, few downtime issues

John H. on November 11, 2017

Service has always been courteous and fast, especially compared to tales I've heard regarding Verizon and Comcast. Issue: let's its modems age until a failure occurs. Speeds meet my needs fine. Major issue: can't dump my expensive phone landline from the bundle to save money, the cable and internet charges merely increase.

Great Speed- Frustrating Customer Service

Greg Semos on October 08, 2017

The speed is blazing, I get over 100Mbps most days, slows a little in the evening, but not bad. So far pretty reliable, only one outage in 4 years. Customer service was fine for installation, I have not called for Technical Issues, I troubleshoot myself. Calling about billing is, pretty much what Cox is famous for, long waits poor communication.

Good service

Adrian on July 06, 2017

It's a big company and they can offer great services, overall the service is good but a little bit expensive.

Good, but expensive

Steve Fagiano on June 12, 2017

I have internet and basic tv. I mean like 20 channels not counting music. And I pay over 100 dollars a month! Now that I see that in writing I'm pretty stupid!

Fast But Expensive

Scott Hanson on May 20, 2017

Fast internet speeds and good reliability. TV service is good but DVR is slow and not user-friendly. We don't use the phone service but have to get it to reduce the price of the service package.

Decent speeds, and better customer service than V-fios

P. Mo on May 08, 2017

If you can get a good introductory package, I would say to go with Cox. Their customer service still consists of people who are only allowed to make scripted responses to your inquiries, but I believe they try harder to be available and satisfy their customers. Too bad they penalize you (and discourage customer loyalty) with much higher prices after two years (or whenever your package expires). I would keep them as my provider, if it wasn't for that.

Really good Internet service, decent customer service.

Cory Callender on April 27, 2017

I only get internet as we stream everything via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, CW, etc. We have been bumped up several times over the last 5 years from 25mbps to 150mbps as service improved! I have had issues with billing going up and calling to talk them down, but every time I had success getting it lowered, once with the effect of getting my speed doubled from 50 to 100. The 150 bump was due to increased availability of bandwidth when they stopped analog signal. It has been reliable, and even with a problem in summer 2015, it was a difficult issue but they never stopped trying till they found a bizarre issue that was resolved and I was credited multiple times for my patience. And my 150 service is often bumped to over 200 on big files, game updates, etc. No lag or latency problems, even at prime time! The only fault is they have recently instituted a 1TB data limit. For cable cutters, it's an issue.

Dependable Service

Crunch Hardtack on April 01, 2017

I rarely have any issues with internet cable access. Great customer service if you get past tier 1 help reps; they have you going through the canned 'turn off your modem'; unplug the cable. Asking for tier 2 will put you in touch with a techie that will listen to your problems, BUT, you must describe what is happening as thoroughly and accurately as you can. Speed is good and consistent. Reliability is great.

Cox is by far the best company for internet.

Marissa Sage on October 10, 2016

I have had every provider for internet you could possibly name. Cox is by far the company I have had the least hassle with. Their phone support, even though they use a robot to do much of the work in the beginning of the call, is actually super easy to use and helpful. I've never experienced my internet being slow for more than a minute. I've never been on hold with Cox for an outrageous amount of time like other companies. When I moved to another state and wanted to take Cox with me it was extremely simple and hassle-free. Just one phone call saying I was moving, giving the new address, done. I love Cox and I recommend it.

Waiting for Fiber

Jarrett on September 14, 2016

4/5 until I get Gigablast.

Cox Internet

Maxx3d on June 23, 2016

Great service, speed, and reliability! Cox Rocks!

Fairly reliable

Bob The Builder on June 09, 2016

I've been a customer for a very long time, and I'm still happy.

Cox service and cost

on May 21, 2016

Cox is a great service provider for internet and cable. Friendly and reliable service. However, the cable is more expensive compared to some other providers. Cox does not require a contract, unlike those other providers.


on May 19, 2016

Great speed, very reliable, customer support is solid speakers!

Quality Service! Great Value

on April 17, 2016

My experience with Cox Communications has been extremely positive. My internet connection is consistent and fast. I know when I turn on my computer that I will be able to do what I need to do for work or leisure. I have no complaints and recommend this service to anyone.


on March 05, 2016

Cox has provided reliably consistent service with good speed for my needs. They are the biggest kid on the block here and their customer service is consistently terrible. The other constant is rising rates; bundled phone and internet (no TV) is now over $100/month (including taxes). If I had another option for high-speed internet I would use it, but in this rural area, choices are limited.

Good performance, OK customer service

on January 27, 2016

Cox has been relatively reliable with consistent speeds and only rare outages but the prices are a bit steep and the technology employed is out of the 90s.


on November 11, 2015

It's blazing as a single user for 100Mbps down and relatively cheap for me.

Fastest service I've ever had

Chris on March 25, 2015

For it's lack of good technical support and slow response time to problems, when the service is up and running it is just incredibly fast. And reliability is surprisingly high. I very rarely have service outages.

Great repair service and options

on March 22, 2015

When internet speeds became really erratic, technician came by and was quickly able to determine multiple problems; one was the age of the wiring in the house (40+ years) the others were a combination of the distance from house to junction and the grade of cable plus the grade of cable UNDER the road to the main switch. Fresh cable was laid for the house to a junction which helped and burial of that cable upgrade on the under road line was promptly scheduled. the tech then explained various options to solve my unique needs for the most cost-effective solution. Two drops were added, 1 to my office and a second to the living room (for video cable). Since then, speeds and service have been great! However, I am paying quite a lot since we have no premium channels.


on January 29, 2015

Cox is great! Wonderful customer service and good speeds. A little pricey.

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