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BroadbandNow readers submitted 2038 for Cox. Cox earned an average score of 3.65 out of 5.

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Customer service

Darlene Drake on February 02, 2024

This is regarding an employee at the Cox store on 51st in Tulsa, OK. She helped me with my WIFI service & was great in taking care of me & my needs in such a professional & quick manner. I thought there would be a lot of waiting, but she greeted me at the door, took care of my concerns & told me it was taken care of. Please let her know that customers appreciate the way she takes care of them.

Pay for 500Mbps and I get 75 instead

Catie on December 04, 2023

I pay for 500 Mbps because my roommates and I enjoy gaming, but we are often disconnected and when I check the speed it is usually lower than 100 Mbps. We usually all disconnect extra devices to help, but it has been so bad that I've called their customer service multiple times. I do not recommend COX, the speed and reliability are very poor. Their customer service is good though.

Longtime Customer

Michael on December 02, 2023

I don't remember ever having any major issues with Cox Communications. I would highly recommend it to anyone who lives in the Southwest U.S.A. I've consistently received 250+ Mbps download and 100+ Mbps upload speeds which is plenty enough speed for what I consume day to day.

Great Service

John on November 19, 2023

I wanted to say what a great experience setting up the internet and TV and home phone. Today I went to the Cox cable store and I brought 2 cell phones, they helped at the Southern store in Mesa, AZ. I had the best service, they took care of me. I want to say I am glad I am a Cox Cable customer Thank you for all you do.

Awesome Customer Services

Mary Jane on May 08, 2023

I had a billing issue, I must have talked to 7 different Customer Service Representatives. Each one was courteous, understanding, and extremely helpful! My issue was resolved quickly. Kudos to all the Reps who talked me through it all. One Happy Customer

I do not recommend

Toni on May 04, 2023

I switched services from Cox due to many outages lasting 4+ days. And when working from home and relying on internet service, this was unacceptable. I discontinued my Cox service and returned all my equipment without an issue. Then Cox sent me a $30.00 reimbursement due to an overpayment. Then, they started sending me a "Bill" for $30.00 dollars. When I called them about it, they told me it was due to the Government Discount I had been receiving. They never could explain how I "owed" back $30.00 for a Discount. Anyway, after 4 calls, and being told several times they were taking care of it, I finally receive another call stating that I really do owe the $30.00. So, I don't want this going on my credit, so I went ahead and paid them the $30.00.

Customer Support

Kathleen Wanek on March 10, 2023

I had an issue with my laptop not connecting to my network. After several tries, I called customer service for help. My agent did a fantastic job of correcting the issue in about 45 minutes to an hour. She was very professional and went above and beyond, walking me through the solutions she offered. It was a pleasure working with her. Thank you

Unpleasant to say the least.

Alex Melgar on March 07, 2023

Out of the three internet services I’ve had, this one is by far the worst. It suddenly shuts off, it slows down, and if you're REALLY unlucky, it just stops working for the whole HOUR. I don’t know why it does this and it’s quite infuriating. Every 5 minutes I spend online is a gamble on whether I’ll lose all my work progress to some ridiculous Wi-Fi problems.

Customer service center

Shanell Spruel on March 04, 2023

I went into the center to-return my daughter's equipment, I was greeted with a smile and was handled very professionally. To my surprise, there were a lot of people that morning but with the little delay, we were being seen very swiftly, everyone was doing their job with a smile on their face which says a lot about the company. Sorry, your service could not go with us but will recommend it to anyone coming to Baton Rouge Louisiana. Thank you for your service.

Best Technician Ever!

Barbara on February 11, 2023

The tech who helped me was the best, hands down. He made sure everything was connected properly and didn't leave until it was all straight.

Cable doesn’t work 1/2 time and very expensive

Candy on February 08, 2023

If I had a choice I wouldn’t be with Cox! Always has issues and is VERY pricey. If you need to have a technician come out, you are charged. The internet isn’t so bad as a house phone, but cable TV is terrible. I even drove 25 mins to the closest Cox store to change my box did no good. I don’t have much choice, my little city only has 1 cable company.

Awesome service

Richard on February 03, 2023

Well I start with the cable box was not working, and it took so many obvious questions before I decided to just go get a new box knowing it wasn't working, that being said I got my new box and a wonderful customer service rep talked me through the setup issues. she had me up and running. She was patient and got me up and running. Love Cox cable and the customer service, not all issues need a technician when a customer like myself knew it was a faulty box. So thanks to her, I am very satisfied. Thank you so much she is valuable to have as your staff.

My experience

Anonymous on January 18, 2023

I've been a customer of Cox for a long while even before I officially became a customer of Cox. Never had problems and never would at least that's what I thought. I paid a bill for Cox and the next day without any warning, my internet goes down for a whole month, a couple of days they disclosed my services and charged me $50 to get my services back up, and then on top of that they charge me with 2 months of service to turn off my services again. I'm not doing this anymore customer service is not reliable, the speed is good though. The cost value initially was good but now it's just poor. I suggest leaving Cox while you can because you might fall with Cox being a customer and have your services cut when they get closed forever.

Great Customer Service

Annell Rowell on January 18, 2023

Had the pleasure of working with them on an account issue. (NW Expressway, OKC) Tech is special, she has an amazing personality and excellent customer support skills. Thank you, I appreciate your time and effort in resolving my issue.

Best Technician Ever!

W Patterson on December 20, 2022

Cox Technician is hands down “the” best technician that’s ever come to my home. He was professional, and knowledgeable, answered all my questions, and worked all day long to singlehandedly install my Homelife security system, which was no easy task given the layout of my home. And of course, the system works great. If at all possible, I will request him by name for future service calls.

Tornado damage.

Richard Spaulding on December 16, 2022

Tornado went over the house last Tuesday. Since then I have no wifi/internet connection. Worked fine before. Agent tried to troubleshoot but no success. I was asked if I wanted a tech to come out for $75. Really $75? I'll call the office on Monday. 4 lost days of wifi due to tornado and I'm being charged for an act of mother nature. Merry Christmas Cox Cable.

Customer Service

Akebia on December 01, 2022

Cox customer service is very reliable & efficient. Agent Dwayne had great etiquette and patience while assisting me with my WiFi glitch, and scheduled me an appointment for a new box to avoid constant problems. 5-star customer service.

Excellent Service Technician # 30580

Fred Cooperwood on November 29, 2022

I had a reception error on my home cable TV receiver. Your technician Adrian # 30580 performed a very professional and correct procedural fix of my cable TV system.

Always having issues

Sjanal Coons on November 18, 2022

Almost every night and day, we seem to have an outage, unfortunately, if you attend school and have class or work remotely, this is not a company you want to pair with due to the many issues they have.

Cox Service Employee

Angela Hackworth on November 16, 2022

Called Cox for a service request order! Had trouble with the internet wifi! Husband had spoken to two people who told him the problem could be in the Modem! This is a newly built and we’ve been here for 20 months! Why the heck would the modem wind up causing problems? Tech came out and went to the actual Cox box on the property, started pulling out the underground cable line, and replaced it with a new one! He did what he had to do, working from the Cox box on the property to going to the electrical box as well! He even came into the house and checked the Modem we just picked up on Monday the 14th! He noticed a smell to the left of the electrical box and heard a slight hissing sound coming from the gas valve! He alerted both homeowners. We went into action!!!! Fire personnel trucks came out as well as the guy from the Southwest Gas company!!! The valve was checked and sprayed with a chemical that created bubbles, and we knew we had a problem and were actually smelling gas!!! The valve was tightened, the gas man checked the whole perimeter of the house, and ensured us that we were safe! Thank you, for alerting us and jumping into action while keeping a cool head, friendly demeanor, and great customer service! We owe you a big thank you! I came out and smelled gas as well as my husband! It wasn’t after all the old modem, but was actually old cables that needed replacing, on a newly built home! Still unbelievable! We just moved in here on 2-5-21!

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