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Unfortunately Cox is now limiting data.

3.00 Stars

on July 01, 2017

Very unhappy because they now limit data. Speed is rarely what we pay for. Constantly needs to be reset. For the $70 a month that I pay, data should be unlimited!

Not Customer Friendly

1.00 Stars

on January 06, 2015

Internet is slow and inconsistent. Can't get through to a Customer service representative without waiting long periods of time. TV is the same. Just not happy since becoming a Cox customer. Waiting for a good alternative, even it costs a little more.

Used to be good... used to

2.00 Stars

on November 24, 2017

The last two weekends I had downtimes with no explanation. Calling into customer service would get an automated message. They now cap their usage, so expect to pay an awful lot more for the crummy service than you previously had. I wish that money would go towards improving their service, but I just don't see how.

Great speed, too much money!

3.00 Stars

on March 19, 2018

I have the average speed plan, not much streaming, no gaming. $88 a month is way too much. Time to look at alternatives.

Cox means poor service

1.00 Stars

on March 05, 2018

Internet goes out constantly. When the internet goes out there is not phone service. High speed internet is a joke. You are lucky to get 30 Mbps when you are supposed to get 100 Mbps. The local store in Rogers, Arkansas never returns their calls.

Now charging for data

1.00 Stars

on July 09, 2017

I recently received a notice that COX is now limiting DATA to 1 TB. May seem like a lot but not in this day and age where we are on WiFi 24/7 with one device or another in our homes. This is a backwards moving direction by a supposed tech company moving into the future. Obnoxious and they don't even offer an unlimited plan while rolling out this "New" plan.

Never will be with Cox again

2.00 Stars

on May 07, 2017

Pros: Good Internet Speed for download and upload Cons: Lots of increasing price change, Reps listen to you and accept to do something but it does not happen, lots of charges for nothing, frequently drops the speed from 50mbps to less than 1mbps. Considering the quality of service does not worth for the price but in many areas, there is no other choice.

Data cap?!

1.00 Stars

on August 06, 2017

Just found out there is a cap on our data because we went over! I didn't know we had a limit on our data AND I'm being charged an additional $10 in 50 GB blocks. As much as I already pay for subpar speed and reliability, this is ridiculous!!!

Cox Cable Services Review

2.00 Stars

on October 20, 2017

I've been a Cox customer for 18+ years - things seemed to have deteriorated greatly;Many outages, poor service, poor service responses to problems, customer service reps don't seem to be efficient at internal communication and implementing the discussed resolutions to problems. Right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing... Our total bill continues to increase (even having the cost for options not authorized by us added to our invoice) while the quality of the service we pay for continues to decline. Cox offers better deals to new subscribers than what we can get, indicating our 18+ year loyalty to them means absolutely nothing. All in all, I would suggest exploring any other options available as opposed to using Cox for any of the cable tv/Internet/land line phone services you may want and or need....

Cost too high, TV has pauses

2.00 Stars

on November 02, 2017

TV has pauses and breaks most of the time. Our neighbor has the same problem but they will not replace the main wiring in the neighborhood. Keep telling us it is our connection but this has been upgraded.

Data caps

3.00 Stars

on August 09, 2017

While expensive, Cox is the only internet provider in North Las Vegas that has 100+ Mbps download speed. I have been a loyal customer since they offered cable internet in my area. However, due to the recent inclusion of data caps and insane overage costs I am going to have to cancel my service with Cox. I can't afford a $400 dollar a month internet bill. This data cap and extreme service fee are directly targeting families that rely on video streaming for the majority of in home entertainment.

Cox Cable Download Speed Is Bad

2.00 Stars

on June 09, 2016

Even though Cox give you free cloud storage and let you download their free anti-virus software at their website for up to 5 devices if you use them as their ISP, I think their download speed is very poor. Since I play video games I know I want fast internet so I trusted them and got their Cox High Speed Internet Preferred of up to 50 Mbps download 5 Mbps upload that cost $67.99 a month. I did a network speed test on my Xbox One with opened ports using Ethernet and while other devices were off and still only get up to 32 Mbps download 7 Mbps upload. That's not a real good up to speed if you ask me.

Only decent provider, but expensive

4.00 Stars

on October 29, 2017

The service has been good. We have the intermediate priced internet. It just went up $10 a month. I wish we had more options. $91 a month is expensive.

Very Expensive

3.00 Stars

on January 22, 2018

Equipment fails often and the service is very expensive. Just bought an HD antenna. And I am getting 30 channels.

Cox is my only option and they know it

2.00 Stars

on October 03, 2018

I use Cox only because it is literally the only service in our area. I have been a customer for a year now, already overpaying for the cheapest package of internet and they just upped my bill without any notification. When I called to ask why they said it was because my promotion I signed up for had expired. So now, as a loyal customer, I am paying $75 a month for 30 Mbps of wifi, while a new person can sign up for $19.99 a month. And there was nothing they would do to help. Not to mention my internet constantly goes out..but hey when it works, it's good.

Mixed review --- speeds vary, weblinks are buggy, webmail is SLOW

2.00 Stars

on May 11, 2018

Speed varies with number of users online; rush-hours are slower. Tech support quality varies but English is good. Webmail is slow, web links are buggy and server settings problematic. Deletes emails from server after two months. Be sure you have another secure backup.

Only option available

2.00 Stars

on July 19, 2018

I felt like I needed to leave a review because of the constant requests for 'recommendations' here. In that "yes" I would recommend them, but only because they are the only cable providers in this area code, and much of Kansas; so you don't really have a choice. The second part would be service reliability. It's on most of the time, but I'm paying for 50 down and "up to" 5 Up, I actually get 2 down and 0 (200-750 Kbs) up more than 75% of the time. Luckily we're not heavy constant users at this time so it's not a huge deal for us, other than it's a complete rip off in what I'm paying for. It's not like I'm in an out of the way area either. In an affluent area with underground lines and a trunk within a mile of me; with the actual residential split directly behind my house. Not to mention they have data caps on most of their plans, which is absurd for a landline service.

Poor speed and inconsistent service

2.00 Stars

on January 08, 2018

The internet speed is slow even when I purchased 50 Mbps service. Along with internet being slow the TV service is inconsistent.

Went from great value driven to poor service

3.00 Stars

on April 27, 2019

I have been a Cox customer for years. The value they provided (price compared to service) was amazing. There were no data limits, the speed was amazing for the price, and I told everyone I knew to switch. I loved them. Over the years that has changed. They now have data limits, the prices continue to increase, and the speeds continue to decrease. All tiers have the same data limit and you have to pay extra for more data. What is the point of paying more for a connection speed that will just get you to your limit faster? I will be able to get similar speeds or better without the data cap and for the same price point from another provider. Everyone knows most customer services are unreliable but if Cox is gonna do just the same I might as well get better speed with no cap. I wanted to provide this feedback directly to Cox but they don't offer an avenue for me to provide this and I won't dare call their sales team for reasons stated above. I wouldn't call tech support because they would just blow me off. So tired of Cox.

Great Speed- Frustrating Customer Service

4.00 Stars

on October 08, 2017

The speed is blazing, I get over 100mps most days, slows a little in the evening, but not bad. So far pretty reliable, only one outage in 4 years. Customer service was fine for installation, I have not called for Technical Issues, I troubleshoot myself. Calling about billing is, pretty much what Cox is famous for, long waits poor communication.

Cox service and cost

4.00 Stars

on May 21, 2016

Cox is a great service provider for internet and cable. Friendly and reliable service. However, the cable is more expensive compared to some other providers. Cox does not require a contract, unlike those other providers.

Good performance, OK customer service

4.00 Stars

on January 27, 2016

Cox has been relatively reliable with consistent speeds and only rare outages but the prices are a bit steep and the technology employed is out of the 90s.


1.00 Stars

on September 03, 2018

None for the price I pay for internet and cable $141.00 a month is worth it. The internet is slow, very slow takes me all day to do 1 thing. Wish we had more cables services like Texas, they have a lot to choose from.

Not that great

2.00 Stars

on November 08, 2018

Cox Internet service isn’t that great. I have better internet service on my phone. The internet is extremely slow. Sometimes it won't load the page. And it crashes whenever using Netflix. Cox Internet not that great.

Very reliable, very low lag, generous bandwidth but at what cost

4.00 Stars

on January 19, 2019

Gaming, multiple streaming sessions, and cable TV viewing at the 300Mbps level work well (1TB artificial limit is in place). Scores reflect cable pricing issues for the speeds offered and the artificial limits on bandwidth usage. I use my own equipment. Cox hardware for rent is state of the art but rental fees are excessive.

Only ISP in the area and they milk it

2.00 Stars

on March 07, 2019

Speed is OK-ish most of the time, within 70% of promised. Reliability is an issue, the connection drops a few times a week for a few minutes. Probably more, sometimes my VOIP phone doesn't ring and I just get a voice message, a sign that the line was unavailable at the time. Support: Whenever I call them, I get the standard "no problems reported in your area" although the internet is abuzz with internet problems reported in my area. Price is horrendous, I pay $75/month and I get less than other areas where there is competition get for $40.

Cox Internet Service

4.00 Stars

on April 16, 2017

I have been a Cox customer since it first came to the East Valley (Gilbert 1990s; now San Tan Valley). Initially, my service was a packaged internet/TV/phone. Early last year, I dumped the TV & phone components. My wife and I are not sports fans, grew weary of commercials and have not used the landline for years. We acquired a internet streaming device (Roku3) and a larger smart TV. Every device in our home uses a wireless connection except the Roku. Now we stream any TV we watch and enjoy relatively fast (38-42 Mbps/7-8 Mbps) internet connection. Cox provides no 1GB service to our community yet. The current cable service to our home has been reasonably consistent and reliable. There are slower days than others and short bursts of no service for 2-3 days out of the month. Our current service (again, internet only) is $60/month which includes no questions asked modem replacement when issues pop up. I have no comment on Cox CSR. I have no need to talk with them - I pay my monthly fee and they provide the service. Finally, I have my eyes and ears open to emerging technologies available in our community. I have 801.11ac capable devices now and will switch to 1GB internet service when it arrives- no matter the provider.


3.00 Stars

on March 05, 2016

Cox has provided reliably consistent service with good speed for my needs. They are the biggest kid on the block here and their customer service is consistently terrible. The other constant is rising rates; bundled phone and internet (no TV) is now over $100/month (including taxes). If I had another option for high-speed internet I would use it, but in this rural area, choices are limited.

Great customer service

5.00 Stars

on December 05, 2018

Made an honest mistake about not disconnecting my service when I moved. The manager listened, understood, and adjusted my bill accordingly. The cable and internet service was great as well. Good company. As a business professor, that's the kind of response made by companies that wish to do business in the future.

Data doubled

2.00 Stars

on September 21, 2018

As of August 2018, my Data Usage has doubled for no reason. We are a retired couple with 2 laptops, 1 tablet and have Dish Network and Netflix. We have NO gaming and stream no music. We have not done anything different in the last 2 months than we have for the 6 years we have had Cox. We have always been below 500GB and usually not even making 300GB. In August we get a warning that we were reaching our limit at 875!! So this last month I went every day and checked my data usage. It was very unreliable and made no sense. On days I was not even home it would be 32GB or more. Then on the day I did stream my Seahawks game on Sunday ticket it was only 8GB...go figure. I have had 52GB in one day, not doing anything different. My ITT graduated son said it is just not possible as he has an Xbox, PlayStation, 3 tabs, and 2 computers and streams Netflix for my grandson and he doesn't get close to that!! He is in Washington and doesn't have Cox. I am in Arizona and have Cox(no choices) so I feel this is a Cox problem and after many calls and trying to get answers there are none : ( Just sales pitch for $50 for 500GB more. I also have heard from other Cox Customers that they are having the same problem. There has got to be something we can do. They say they don't have a way to see where this data usage is coming from, just what is used. Really disappointed in Cox and its customer service.

Fast But Expensive

3.00 Stars

on May 20, 2017

Fast internet speeds and good reliability. TV service is good but DVR is slow and not user-friendly. We don't use the phone service but have to get it to reduce the price of the service package, which makes no sense to me.

Really good Internet service, decent customer service.

4.00 Stars

on April 27, 2017

I only get internet as we stream everything via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, CW, etc. We have been bumped up several times over the last 5 years from 25mbps to 150mbps as service improved! I have had issues with billing going up and calling to talk them down, but every time I had success getting it lowered, once with the effect of getting my speed doubled from 50 to 100. The 150 bump was due to increased availability of bandwidth when they stopped analog signal. It has been reliable, and even with a problem in summer 2015, it was a difficult issue but they never stopped trying till they found a bizarre issue that was resolved and I was credited multiple times for my patience. And my 150 service is often bumped to over 200 on big files, game updates, etc. No lag or latency problems, even at prime time! The only fault is they have recently instituted a 1TB data limit. For cable cutters, it's an issue.

Decent, but costly

3.00 Stars

on April 22, 2019

It's decent, sometimes the internet goes out, but it happened rarely. Customer Service is meh, not much to say about them. The only problem is that it's quite costly, but I think it's money well spent if that means having a good connection.

Fastest service I've ever had

4.00 Stars

on March 25, 2015

For it's lack of good technical support and slow response time to problems, when the service is up and running it is just incredibly fast. And reliability is surprisingly high. I very rarely have service outages.

Quality Service! Great Value

5.00 Stars

on April 17, 2016

My experience with Cox Communications has been extremely positive. My internet connection is consistent and fast. I know when I turn on my computer that I will be able to do what I need to do for work or leisure. I have no complaints and recommend this service to anyone.

It is a love hate situation.

3.00 Stars

on September 02, 2017

Half of the time I can't get WiFi AT ALL in my house. I am not sure if its just my area? When it works, it is great.

Poor service for the 1st year

5.00 Stars

on January 06, 2016

Our first year with Cox wasn't so great! 2 laptops crashed; and the service for the 6 months was very poor. The 2nd serviceman fixed out the problem for the last 6 mo. Today, I called and shared my concerns with the Customer Service Dept. They were very kind; and extremely helpful. I was ready to cancel with Cox but now we are ready to give them wonderful reviews! Thank you again for being so helpful. We truly appreciate it.!


4.00 Stars

on November 11, 2015

It's blazing as a single user for 100Mbps down and relatively cheap for me.

Fairly reliable

4.00 Stars

on June 09, 2016

I've been a customer for a very long time, and I'm still happy.

Dependable high speeds, few downtime issues

4.00 Stars

on November 11, 2017

Service has always been courteous and fast, especially compared to tales I've heard regarding Verizon and Comcast. Issue: let's its modems age until a failure occurs. Speeds meet my needs fine. Major issue: can't dump my expensive phone landline from the bundle to save money, the cable and internet charges merely increase.

Service Provided Today

5.00 Stars

on October 10, 2019

I just want to pass along my appreciation for the great home service that they provided today. Tech is obviously very skilled in dealing with Cox internet products and his timely and accurate response to my Cox problems will be long remembered.

Customer service

5.00 Stars

on September 26, 2019

For over three years we’ve been Cox Communications customers and every year we renew our service. For the first year, we were paying around 85$ to 90$ for around 130-135 channels for one year. Every year after that the price would go up and we would have to sacrifice channels to get the monthly bill to a reasonable amount. It was very frustrating for a loyal customer who had never missed a payment for three years and was getting treated like this. It wasn’t until today Sept.26 2019 that it felt like finally we were treated with decency when a customer service representative actually took the time to look for a plan that allowed us to keep all the channels that we currently had, add one premium channel for no additional cost and the best part of it all, our monthly bill went from 118$ to 114$a month for a year! Cox cable needs more employees like him. He actually cares about the customers he’s helping. Hope to renew our services again through him in a year. Thank you

Excellent service

5.00 Stars

on July 19, 2019

I would like to thank your company customer care representative who took care of my issue and for her excellent support. About a month ago I requested International call program to be added to my account, but due to a language barrier I didn’t realize that my calls to Ukraine were rated at high Direct Dial calls rate instead of affordable Simply World Wide program rate. On 7/19/19 I called Cox for clarification and they helped me to solve the issue. Support was extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. They ensured that I received all the information regarding the rates. They also solved the problem regarding the service charges which I faced. They have a caring approach and a true professional. Please accept my gratitude for their speedy and efficient assistance.

Honestly surprised

4.00 Stars

on May 02, 2019

Usually, I expect cable/internet companies to harbor scummy business practices, however, I am delightfully surprised with my experience using Cox. I have been a customer for almost 2 years now. For the first year, they offered me a free security system because I suppose it was some sort of trial for their new security products. I accepted, and very much enjoyed their security system - one camera, a door sensor that told me when it opened/closed, and a switch controlled through the app that turned my main light on/off. (It was great for me to check up on my cat/home when I was away.) So when that trial ended, I was charged for the home security. After I realized this I turned off the security service. Then on my last bill, they credited me the money for the months of charged security service! This was unprecedented as I hadn't even called them about the issue. I am impressed with this (what should be basic) business integrity. Cox has a loyal customer in me. :)

Out of all of them, this one has been the best!

5.00 Stars

on July 07, 2018

I have tried most of the providers for internet and TV in all my years. Cox is by far the best, maybe a little pricey but better than the rest.

Only option

1.00 Stars

on July 02, 2018

Cox doesn’t have very reliable service when you stream or play video games. It’s just the only option.

There is no better internet

5.00 Stars

on March 10, 2018

Gigablast. What is not to like? I fix computers and help people with their electronics. There is nobody better. I've never had Cox swear at me on the phone like I have with others. My home internet speed is 984Mbps up and down. More expensive, yes, but it just plain works.

Cox review

3.00 Stars

on September 11, 2017

With TV internet package, I found rates crept up sometimes every month. Internet is very good and you can get it without the tv. It's hard to find out what is on when. Very few outages.

Good service

4.00 Stars

on July 06, 2017

It's a big company and they can offer great services, overall the service is good but a little bit expensive.

Dependable Service

4.00 Stars

on April 01, 2017

I rarely have any issues with internet cable access. Great customer service if you get past tier 1 help reps; they have you going through the canned 'turn off your modem'; unplug the cable. Asking for tier 2 will put you in touch with a techie that will listen to your problems, BUT, you must describe what is happening as thoroughly and accurately as you can. Speed is good and consistent. Reliability is great.

Cox is by far the best company for internet.

5.00 Stars

on October 10, 2016

I have had every provider for internet you could possibly name. Cox is by far the company I have had the least hassle with. Their phone support, even though they use a robot to do much of the work in the beginning of the call, is actually super easy to use and helpful. I've never experienced my internet being slow for more than a minute. I've never been on hold with Cox for an outrageous amount of time like other companies. When I moved to another state and wanted to take Cox with me it was extremely simple and hassle-free. Just one phone call saying I was moving, giving the new address, done. I love Cox and I recommend it.

Cox Internet

5.00 Stars

on June 23, 2016

Great service, speed, and reliability! Cox Rocks!


5.00 Stars

on May 19, 2016

Great speed, very reliable, customer support is solid English speakers!

Great repair service and options

4.00 Stars

on March 22, 2015

When internet speeds became really erratic, technician came by and was quickly able to determine multiple problems; one was the age of the wiring in the house (40+ years) the others were a combination of the distance from house to junction and the grade of cable plus the grade of cable UNDER the road to the main switch. Fresh cable was laid for the house to a junction which helped and burial of that cable upgrade on the under road line was promptly scheduled. the tech then explained various options to solve my unique needs for the most cost-effective solution. Two drops were added, 1 to my office and a second to the living room (for video cable). Since then, speeds and service have been great! However, I am paying quite a lot since we have no premium channels.


4.00 Stars

on January 29, 2015

Cox is great! Wonderful customer service and good speeds. A little pricey.

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