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Internet Service Providers in Brooklyn, Michigan

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Residential Internet Providers in Brooklyn

  • 86.7%

    24 Mbps

    (855) 915-4111


    • Frontier's Brooklyn internet plans provide service free of streaming limitations.
    • Frontier provides 3 plans in addition to bundles.
    • Frontier service starts at $27.99.
  • 7.9%

    12 Mbps

    (855) 910-0548


    • The average speed of AT&T Internet in Brooklyn is 95.48 Mbps.
    • Only 7.89% of the area has AT&T Internet coverage.
    • AT&T Internet pricing starts at $49.99/month.
  • 84.0%

    987 Mbps

    (844) 910-2674

    Calling may result in longer than usual wait times. Consider Online Order


    • Plans feature 5 home WiFi options in addition to TV offers.
    • Xfinity has an average speed of 215.98 Mbps.
    • Cable is the most common option from Xfinity.
  • 100.0%

    100 Mbps

    (844) 912-2812


    • Viasat service starts at $50/month.
    • Viasat currently earns a two-star customer rating.
    • Viasat offers unlimited data use.
  • 100.0%

    25 Mbps

    (844) 902-3107


    • HughesNet service starts at $59.99.
    • HughesNet a satellite network in the Brooklyn area.
    • HughesNet packages allow subscribers to use unlimited data.
  • 35.3%

    25 Mbps

    (734) 433-1558

    Fixed Wireless

    • Rural Reach star ratings are 34.77% above the local average.
    • Rural Reach prices start as low as $70.
    • Rural Reach offers fixed wireless internet packages in Brooklyn.
  • 5.1%

    20 Mbps

    (989) 652-9500

    Fixed Wireless

    • Air Advantage uses fixed wireless to provide home internet service.
    • Packages start at $45.

Business Internet Providers in Brooklyn

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  • 100.0%

    24 Mbps

    (855) 943-4270


    • Frontier Business business plans are commonly based on DSL service in the surrounding area.
    • The minimum price for Frontier Business service is $34.99.
  • 87.4%

    987 Mbps

    (855) 943-4155

    Calling may result in longer than usual wait times. Consider Online Order


    • Several cable service packages are provided by Comcast Business in Brooklyn.
    • In the Brooklyn area, the average Comcast Business internet speed is 26.77 Mbps.
    • Prices ranging from $70–260 are common from Comcast Business.
  • 17.9%

    12 Mbps

    (855) 929-4570


    • IPBB dominates AT&T's service choices in Brooklyn.
    • AT&T business internet plans start at $50/month.
    • The average network speed of AT&T in the Brooklyn area is 95.48 Mbps.

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Enterprise Providers

  • 87.4%

    987 Mbps


    Comcast Business markets speeds up to 987 Mbps. They offer cable. They have serviceability for 87.36% of the local area. Consumer reviews rate them two and a half out of five stars.

  • 6.6%

    1,000 Mbps


    Crown Castle Fiber provides fiber service to 6.58% of the area. Their rating is four out of five stars.

  • 0.1%

    -- Mbps


    GTT Communications provides 0.13% of Brooklyn with cable service.

1 business internet provider is hidden due to low coverage in Brooklyn. Show all providers

Mobile Internet Providers in Brooklyn

  • 100.0%

    10 Mbps

    (844) 898-5296

    Mobile Broadband

    • AT&T Wireless services are priced at $50.
    • The AT&T Wireless network extends to all of Brooklyn.
    • AT&T Wireless mobile packages may be limited by to data allowances.
  • 100.0%

    10 Mbps

    (800) 922-0204

    Mobile Broadband

    • Verizon Wireless service starts at $60/month.
    • Verizon Wireless users award them three and a half stars.
    • The Verizon Wireless network reaches all of Brooklyn.
  • 99.4%

    6 Mbps

    (844) 307-7340

    Mobile Broadband

    • Sprint subscribers award them three stars.
    • Plans range from $30–60.
    • Sprint provides mobile in Brooklyn.

Internet Access in Brooklyn, Michigan

Brooklyn residences have, on average, 2.30 Internet providers available. This is common amount of options for the US, since the majority of companies that sell Internet used to be cable TV and telephone providers. Most addresses are wired for one of each.

Cable providers like XFINITY from Comcast and DSL providers like Frontier Communications are the main network types with availability around Brooklyn.

Frontier Communications is another common Internet option in Brooklyn, offering DSL connections with coverage in 86 percent of the area.

Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) and HughesNet are the most common Internet options in Brooklyn.

Coverage statistics here is primarily sourced from FCC data. ISPs in Brooklyn are required to report deployment and subscriber data biannually. Leveraging our relationships with telecom companies, BroadbandNow is able to analyze and improve this data against private data submitted by providers directly. The speed averages shown below are calculated from browser-based speed tests originating in Brooklyn addresses.

  • There are 14 internet providers in Brooklyn with 7 of those offering residential service.
  • Brooklyn is the 426th most connected city in Michigan ahead of Michigan Center, Onsted, and Addison, but behind Cement City and Clarklake.
  • The fastest zip code in Brooklyn for May 2020 is 49230. (see all below).

Residential Internet Providers in Brooklyn, MI

Provider Starting Price Speed Range Type Of Internet Coverage Availability
Frontier Communications $27.99/mo. 6-90 Mbps DSL 87% DSL
XFINITY from Comcast $20/mo. 25-1000 Mbps Cable 84% Cable
AT&T Internet $49.99/mo. 5 Mbps IPBB 8% IPBB
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) $50/mo. 12-25 Mbps Satellite 100% Satellite
HughesNet $59.99/mo. 25 Mbps Satellite 100% Satellite

The table above summarizes Brooklyn internet providers with the greatest coverage locally.

21.6% of consumers in Brooklyn

2,000 People

Only have access to 1 or fewer wired internet providers available at their address.

Summary Of Fastest Internet Providers In Brooklyn, Michigan

Provider Speed Type Time to Download 1 GB
XFINITY from Comcast 987 Mbps Cable 8s
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) 100 Mbps Satellite 1m 21s
HughesNet 25 Mbps Satellite 5m 27s
Frontier Communications 24 Mbps DSL 5m 41s
AT&T Internet 12 Mbps DSL 11m 22s

Summary Of Internet Provider Availability In Brooklyn, Michigan

  • Frontier - 86.7% Availability in Brooklyn - Speeds up to 24 Mbps
  • Xfinity - 84.0% Availability in Brooklyn - Speeds up to 987 Mbps
  • AT&T Internet - 7.9% Availability in Brooklyn - Speeds up to 12 Mbps
  • Viasat - 100.0% Availability in Brooklyn - Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • HughesNet - 100.0% Availability in Brooklyn - Speeds up to 25 Mbps

Internet Provider Competition Map For Brooklyn

Brooklyn Internet Competition Map. Click for interactive map.
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Download Speeds in Brooklyn

Fastest Zip Codes in Brooklyn


  • #1 (0)
  • 255.34 Mbps ↑ (+27.86)
  • 347 Tests ↓ (-117)

Publicly Funded Internet Access in Brooklyn

In Brooklyn we've found four libraries and public institutions that offer publicly funded internet access points. These locations may offer free internet to the public on a schedule. Because schedules vary we recommend contacting the institution ahead of time.

  • Brooklyn Branch Library
    207 N. Main St.
    Brooklyn, MI 49230
  • Brooklyn Elementary School Judy K. Horning Library Media Center
    320 School Street
    Brooklyn, MI 49230
  • Columbia Central High School Library
    11775 Hewitt Road
    Brooklyn, MI 49230
  • Columbia Middle School Library Media Center
    321 School Street
    Brooklyn, MI 49230

Brooklyn is the 426th most connected city in Michigan ahead of Michigan Center, Onsted, and Addison, but behind Cement City and Clarklake.

Approximately 8,000 people in Jackson County don't have access to any wired internet.

Approximately 78% of Brooklyn residents are serviced by multiple wired providers.

As of this month, 49230 Is the zip code with the fastest average download speed in Brooklyn.

In Jackson County, approximately 39,000 people do not have access to 25 Mbps wired broadband.

Brooklyn Internet Providers Sometimes Have Data Caps

Both Viasat and HughesNet place data use limitations on some or all residential plans. Limitations on data not be consistent between plans. Data beyond a customer's data limit will generally be available for an extra fee. Limitations on data use have the biggest impact on customers using their broadband connection more than average. For context, streaming in HD consume as much as 3 Gigabytes per hour. 3GB/hr won't come close to a data cap in the average 250–1,000GB range. Data cap policies have been controversial in Brooklyn and around the US, but do not impact the majority of Brooklyn customers.

Summary Of Internet Providers In Brooklyn

Provider Type Coverage Speed
Frontier Communications DSL 86.7%+ 24 Mbps
XFINITY from Comcast Cable 84.0%+ 987 Mbps
Rural Reach Fixed Wireless 35.3%+ 25 Mbps
AT&T Internet DSL 7.9%+ 12 Mbps
Air Advantage Fixed Wireless 5.1%+ 20 Mbps
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) Satellite 100% 100 Mbps
HughesNet Satellite 100% 25 Mbps
Comcast Business Cable 87.4%+ 987 Mbps
Frontier Business DSL 100% 24 Mbps
AT&T DSL 17.9%+ 12 Mbps
Crown Castle Fiber Fiber 6.6%+ 1,000 Mbps
GTT Communications Cable 0.1%+ -- Mbps

Compare Brooklyn to the 5 largest cities in the US

City Average Download Speed Number of Providers Average Cost per Mbps
Brooklyn 63.1 Mbps 8 $0.59
New York 169.4 Mbps (+106.3 Mbps) 15 (+7) $0.36 (-$0.23)
Los Angeles 79.5 Mbps (+16.4 Mbps) 17 (+9) $0.28 (-$0.31)
Chicago 72.1 Mbps (+9.0 Mbps) 18 (+10) $0.26 (-$0.33)
Houston 78.8 Mbps (+15.7 Mbps) 24 (+16) $0.29 (-$0.30)
Philadelphia 77.6 Mbps (+14.5 Mbps) 9 (+1) $0.38 (-$0.21)
Last Updated on 7/3/2020.