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Windstream Customer Reviews

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2.57 Stars  631 Reviews
2.57 out of 5 stars


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Upload speed too slow.

2.00 Stars

on September 15, 2019

I have been using Windstream for years. It works ok for basic internet use, like surfing, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. But I had ADT alarm company out here the other day to supposedly install a 6 camera surveillance system that I had already given a down payment on. Well, when the guys showed up to install the system and asked what company provided my internet service and I told them Windstream. They proceeded to test my speed and yes I do get 24Mbps of download speed which is what I pay for, but I only have 1.6 Mbps. of upload speed. Well, they said that would barely be enough to install 1 camera at the best, anything over that would freeze up and uploading to the cloud or live remote streaming would be impossible. So here I thought that I had a great internet service with good speed, and it turns out that it isn't even capable of running a surveillance system. Hope some other company steps into this town to improve service.

Speed is so much better now!

5.00 Stars

on August 30, 2018

5 years ago, we struggled with connecting to the internet with Windstream. 3 years ago, Windstream ran fiber to Mount Vernon and upgraded to bonded DSL and we immediately jumped to 25Mbps. They are now running fiber closer to our home which will result in speeds jumping to 50Mbps.

Excellent Service from beginning to end.

5.00 Stars

on May 15, 2018

I guess the negative reviews are not in my area. Couldn't be happier. Installation was top notch, professional, and timely.

Really good service!

4.00 Stars

on May 24, 2017

Windstream has really fast and reliable service. It is much better than the junky service that we had from our previous ISP. The fastest speeds in our area are 50 Mbps, but in some areas, they go up to 75. The router/modem box is of high quality and the Wifi is really fast. Price is reasonable. Overall will recommend.


5.00 Stars

on March 27, 2016

I've had Windstream for exactly 1 year today and it has just been amazing. Super fast. Amazing value for the money.

Worst Service Ever

1.00 Stars

on October 24, 2019

Very disappointed in the service! I have been waiting for a business modem since September 16th, 2019 that was to be set up by the hospital's business account with Windstream. I have been waited for a month with no contact from Windstream. Then last Friday (October 18th) they finally arrived and said they could not install my business modem due to "not enough facilities". The following Tuesday Windstream said they "found more lines." Today (the 24th) I was told they were going to install the business modem. NO ONE SHOWED UP! I called Windstream and they told me the order was still on hold and they would release the order and now they will install the modem on the 29th! Unbelievable and unacceptable! If you have other options don't go with Windstream/Kinetic! I wish I had another competitor where I live! Word of mouth goes a long ways and mine will go far and wide - DO NOT GO WITH WINDSTREAM/KINETIC!

Outstanding Customer Service but average speeds

4.00 Stars

on October 23, 2019

Windstream is my family's only option for cable internet; we live in the mountains. Contrary to what I read online about Windstream, they actually have great technicians who really care about the customers. Every technician whos worked on my internet has really gone above and beyond. I had some issues with low internet speeds about one year, the tech that arrived ended up completely rewiring my house, replacing the routers too. I got a call two days later from that same technician. He called to tell me he wanted to come back to service (whatever that large metal box usually located off the road is called? Router?). I haven't had a single issue since. My only gripe is that their fastest plan in my area is 25 Mbps, understandable if you knew the terrain though.


2.00 Stars

on October 19, 2019

Hands down the worst internet I have ever done business with. It only works half the time and when it does work it's not nearly the speed I pay for. If you call tech support after hours it's people that barely speak English and have you trying a bunch of nonsense that ultimately never works and after waiting for days for a tech it still doesn't work properly. I would go with anyone else if I had an option. I would avoid it at all costs if there's another option. I've been a customer for more than a year and haven't received a discount

Never Use Windstream as a Service Provider

1.00 Stars

on October 16, 2019

Since beginning service with Windstream, we have had nothing but issues. The biggest issue was disconnecting service for our business. It has taken over a year and I am still receiving invoices charging us for paper invoices we should even be receiving. I have contacted the company numerous times, and issues have not been resolved. If you are a business, I would strongly suggest using another company and save yourself some headaches.


1.00 Stars

on October 13, 2019

This is the single worst company I have ever dealt with, extremely poor customer service. They just halng up on you when they don't have an answer. Worthless, know wonder they're bankrupt!

Not happy!!!!

1.00 Stars

on October 12, 2019

We have had windstrea for 5yrs now, its nothing but trouble. They recently sent us a new box saying it was free yet they keeping changing by more and more to my bill. It was the same for yrs. now it changes every month, it goes higher and higher! No letter or call to say we are charging more! When you call to ask why its higher you get some lame ass excuse. Very unprofessional! Not a happy customer right now????

No internet for 10 days... so I bailed

1.00 Stars

on October 10, 2019

Service went out either Oct 1 or 2nd. I called on 3rd. Service was not scheduled until Oct 10th. I could not get any good response to what was going on. Several different stories.. There was an area outage, there wasn't an area outage. Worst customer service ever. Lack of transparency. Not concerned about customers at all. Elected to vote with my pocket book and took my account elsewhere.

Windstream is very bad

1.00 Stars

on October 09, 2019

When I built a home out in the country away from Lincoln Nebraska I added Windstream for my landline and internet. From the beginning they were bad. The internet was very slow and dropped at least once an hour. I could not watch anything on Netflix or Youtube. I switched to a company that now makes the internet so easy and so good and I watch Netflix all the time. My landline was also bad. Windstream said they would come out and repair it. They did come out 4 times. Repair it no. When it rained the landline was so bad you could not use the phone. Also, I often got no name or no phone number just "incoming call". Often the line was out. So it's been removed. Paying them for getting nothing very good is totally pointless.

Too many problems with phone service.

1.00 Stars

on October 03, 2019

This must be the worst phone company in the US. Very unreliable phone service, Most customer service people just can't help the problem. All said a very poorly run phone company.

Worst service ever

1.00 Stars

on October 02, 2019

Service goes out often for no reason. They called several times day for me to upgrade. Finally I agreed. Biggest mistake ever. Sent me broken equipment. Then they called me several times to tell me it was working. I PUT THE OLD MODEM BACK ON. Then charged me $100 because I didn’t return it in the mail, instead the service tech took it back. I love talking to people who can’t speak English. Good idea to outsource your customer service. They really know how to make their customers mad. Choose another company other than Windstream. Really!

Sucks no good

1.00 Stars

on September 30, 2019

Most disgusting and awful customer service i have ever experienced in life you get the run around cant get a supervisor on phone when asked

Stay Away -

1.00 Stars

on September 24, 2019

My Experience Call 1: After giving my account information - I get transferred to the wrong department - then get transfers again and call dropped. Call 2: After giving my account information - I get transferred to billing for an Internet repair. Call 3: After ginger my account information - I get dropped Call 4: After I give my account information I get transferred to cable repair for internet issues and then get dropped. Call 5: After I give my account information, I get transferred to repair for a 45 minute hold. Then I get told that the text with have to send a note and I will have to wait for a call back. I asked for a supervisor and was placed on a 25 minute hold. To be told that I have to call Hulu for my issue and if they cannot fix it ... call back. It was wind stream issue.

Worst service around

1.00 Stars

on September 15, 2019

I cannot fully express how horrible this company is. I have been having connection issues since March 2019. It is now Sept. 2019 and my service grows worse with each passing week. Tech support sets appointments but the techs never show up. I have called repeatedly but still my service is less than mediocre. I contacted Live Oak sales to request a dedicated line. He never returns my calls. The manager from Alachua swore he was coming to my home and never called to cancel. I would love to see a class action lawsuit because they treat customers so poorly and sometimes downright rude and do not ensure customers get what they pay hard earned money for. Windstream monopolizes the area or I would be with another company. The techs are union and act like they don't have to fix anything because they get paid regardless. Six months of crappy service and still no one is trying to fix the problem. I've told them the modem is not working and they say they will be here to fix. I see no one and then get a text that the issue has been repaired but no one came. When tech support says they can see there is a big problem I had a tech actually tell me that tech support fabricates stories to connect with the customer. There is so much more I don't have the time nor space to shàre but I will say above all stay away from Windstream. Choose satellite instead. If corporate sees this please hire techs that work to find issues and repairs them.

Non Professional

1.00 Stars

on September 13, 2019

It is by far the worst company I have dealt with. The representatives are very rude & u professional and will do things deliberately if you switch service to someone else. I recently put in a order to switch my phone & internet service &I let both companies know that I wanted to keep my current number but Windstream cut my service a day ahead of schedule so I couldn't keep my phone number, that all my family has. If I could rate my service a zero I certainly would. It's the slowest service I have ever had & it cuts out when your on the phone & it's very static and when you call to complain they want to wait a week before they come to fix it or they say there's nothing I can do, Well I did plenty I switched & found a better company & I hope I never have to deal with you all ever again

Terrible Customer Service

2.00 Stars

on September 12, 2019

I have had Windstream Internet service for just over a year here in St Matthews SC, there service is constantly with problems and tech just barely speak English, besides being hung up on when you call for all I think think of is lack of training . I would definitely suggest that you look long and hard for other providers for your internet service. There weren’t many choices here a year ago. I would Never Recommend WINDSTREAM to anyone if you had other options ... Never a refund, but plenty of excuses !

Terrible Internet

1.00 Stars

on September 08, 2019

Worst internet we have ever had. Unfortunately we have no other options in our area. Speeds so slow that it is unusable a good amount of the time, but they still charge us as if we have fast, reliable service. They claim that that’s just how it is. They say they can’t guarantee speed, but we have days of where we don’t even have service! I would never recommend this company to anyone. A simple search online will show that I am not alone in dealing with this terrible company.

Service is slow

2.00 Stars

on September 08, 2019

It's EXTREMELY slow and unreliable.

Would go bankrupt

2.00 Stars

on September 08, 2019

They care about getting paid and do not care the service they provide is crap. This is true wether you are a new or long time customer. If there were any other competitors they would dry up and blow away. It must be great when you are the only game in town. I am fed up with their crawl along speeds. Don't believe their advertising HYPE because you will NEVER get the speed advertised.

slow internet indeed

1.00 Stars

on September 06, 2019

i using my family wifi for internet and online gaming and much more and its so slow so badly that it shouldn't deserve to recommended to anyone, 1 my online gaming always lagging and everytime i decide to watch on youtube or twitch it keeps buffering badly and it feels like it has less speed then a horse and its like having less then 1 horsepower and it cant even do one job. windstream had one job and failed.... if i had my own house i would not recommend it at all i might just choose either AT&T Fiber, DishNet, Verizon Wireless Wifi provider, spectrum, Xfinity Internet, heck even HughsNet could be better then this...

Good customer service but prices go up the longer you stay

4.00 Stars

on August 27, 2019

I like Windstream's customer service, but I soon realized after a year of service that your bill goes up slightly the longer you are with them. The promotional prices are just for new Windstream customers. My bill is much higher than when I first started with Windstream a year ago. I will say that most of their customer service reps are really nice and it doesn't take too long to reach someone there. I wish they would keep their prices low for customers that have been with them for a while.

WOW! just WOW!

5.00 Stars

on May 27, 2019

i have never seen such fast speeds! OH MY i just took 3 days to play the video wind stream da best

Message telling our callers that our phone service has been disconnected

3.00 Stars

on May 20, 2019

Our office phone lines are down due to a wind stream outage and everyone who calls our office hears a message stating "this phone has been disconnected and is no longer in service". I have spent the last hour on the phone with wind stream customer service and they will not or cannot correct the message to simply indicate that they are experiencing an outage and that the service will. be restored shortly. They would rather damage their customer than acknowledge that they are experiencing an outage. Unbelievable.

Good News, Bad News

4.00 Stars

on March 07, 2019

We moved to a rural area and had to switch to Windstream. We now have 25Mbps speed which I discovered is faster than the higher speed we got from our previous ISP, amazing! And, Windstream is always reliable for internet surfing and e-mail. That's all the GOOD news. The BAD news is their inferior website that allows no way to download and save our monthly detailed bill to our computer files as other sites easily provide. When I click on "See Bill Details," the message that appears is "Details unavailable" or "system error." Their customer service reps and the web technicians politely announce that they can't solve the problem. When I ask to speak to a supervisor, I'm told none is available, and they advise me to "Wait a while and try again." I finally gave up to save my blood pressure and applied for paper bills. I believe Windstream needs a webmaster who will bring their website up to standard and that their reps should refer to "unsolvable problems" for further follow up by qualified staff. When that has been done, I will be a much happier Windstream customer.

Great internet

5.00 Stars

on February 19, 2019

I love Windstream. It's so nice to get away from our previous ISP. Neither of these companies worked perfectly but Windstream is $24 less for the same service. Others were raising my rate every 6 months. I would call them up and complain about the increase. Well, the last time this happened they said all they could do was raise my bill even more with better service. So I switched to Windstream. Really satisfied.

Get what I pay for

5.00 Stars

on December 19, 2018

Where I live I am only able to receive 6 mbps because I live far away from town. I live in a small rural area. I can get up to 12 mbps if I chose to have 2 phone lines ran to my house. Im satisfied with my speed and can stream multiple devices at once on just 6 meg. I have found that if I use a jail broken firestick my speeds are slow. I also had a new iPhone that was killing my ping times. I asked my provider to look at it. They did something with the carrier settings and now it works great. Also, most web based Speedtest are crap. Find a good one and make sure you are hardwired in or have your wireless device right by the modem to get an accurate test.

Not a completely satisfactory experience.

3.00 Stars

on September 23, 2018

Most professional services businesses count on "24/7" reliable internet and VOIP connections to be competitive and provide an appropriate level of responsiveness. This company is reliable MOST of the time, however, if you have an outage you can count on being down for a day or two. Tens of thousands of dollars can be lost in one day so it matters. Further, the company consistently offers slower speeds than sales representatives offer. If you must increase bandwidth and need new equipment to accommodate it, you may be waiting for weeks.

4K TV service via PlayStation Vue

5.00 Stars

on September 21, 2018

Beets NCTC..

inferior service

5.00 Stars

on August 14, 2018

on Aug 6 (approx 3:30) lost our internet connection due to severe thunderstorm. On Aug 7 attempted several times to establish a reconnect per instructions when you dial the 800 number. On Aug 8 problem was reported and was told they would start working on issue. On Aug 9 called againand requested status update; was told the issue was at neighborhood junction box and would schedule a tech for service on Aug 14 (5 days layers) and would expedite the workm order. On Aug 10, was told the problem was at 'main office and we're working on it'. Called Aug 13 (spoke to Conrad, Supervisor), was told 'I have expedited work order and might get internet restored today'; I also requested adjustment to our monthly billing for 8 days without internet service and was told by Conrad he would adjust. On Aug 14, tech was at residence approx 8:20 - ran couple of tests and he reported lightning destroyed modem. He replaced modem and was finished by 9:15. Why did we have to wait so long before a tech was assigned, why so many lies and uncaring attitude. So dissatisfied with your customer service department, the unreasonable length of waiting time for a tech and the dishonesty to provide useless lip service. Too many competitors who will value our business and prompt payment history

Value is key

4.00 Stars

on June 17, 2018

Worth the Money

Windstream Service in my area.

3.00 Stars

on May 23, 2018

I have so many dropped calls with Windstream. Much of the time my phone shows no service. I pay over $80.00 a month for a lot of frustration.


5.00 Stars

on May 21, 2018

I have had Windstream for as long as it has been in Georgia. Starting out is was awfully slow but now days it is getting better.

Windstream service and value

3.00 Stars

on January 21, 2018

The service is good and fairly reliable but expensive as there is a hidden cost of having to rent their equipment to use it.


5.00 Stars

on August 08, 2015

Great service at a good price.

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