Windstream Availability Map

Windstream Availability Map. Click for interactive map

Windstream is available in 18 states, though its strongest coverage is in the Midwest and along the East Coast. Windstream offers customers a variety of products and services, including internet, home security, internet security, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). All of these services are available in bundled packages.

Windstream utilizes hybrid fiber-DSL connections, allowing for internet speeds many times faster than in years past. This hybrid fiber-DSL internet service, called Kinetic by Windstream, is Windstream’s most popular internet service. Windstream also offers fixed wireless and DSL internet for customers in rural areas. Those in suburban areas may have access to Windstream’s cable internet service, which offers similar speeds as Kinetic plans.

Windstream Internet Services

Best Features Things to Consider
  • Contract-free plans
  • No data caps
  • Free installation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Plans and pricing vary by location
  • Mixed customer reviews

Kinetic by Windstream is Windstream’s most popular service, as it has the fastest speeds of all of Windstream’s internet plans ranging from 200 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. With speeds like these, Windstream’s Kinetic Fiber Gig internet plan is a great deal.

Because Windstream is one of the top internet providers for rural residents, most customers have access only to Windstream’s fixed wireless, cable, and DSL internet. Windstream offers some of the fastest fixed wireless internet plans, with speeds up to 1 Gbps, and competes with major fixed wireless providers like T-Mobile Home Internet.

Plan Name Download Speed Starting Price Data Cap
Windstream Fiber Up to 1 Gbps $39.99 per month Unlimited data
Windstream Cable Up to 400 Mbps $39.99 per month Unlimited data
Windstream DSL Up to 100 Mbps $39.99 per month Unlimited data
Windstream Fixed Wireless Up to 1 Gbps $39.99 per month Unlimited data

Regardless of the connection type you choose, Windstream offers unlimited data and free installation on all of its internet plans. It is also not uncommon for Windstream to throw in gift cards and other perks with its internet offerings. Visit our Windstream internet deals and promotions page to see which plans and promotions are available near you.

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Windstream Internet Speeds

Windstream’s internet speeds vary based on the connection type. While initially utilizing DSL, Windstream has poured a lot of money into expanding its hybrid fiber-DSL connection, which has become the primary means of delivery. Windstream’s DSL service offers up to 100 Mbps, while Kinetic fiber internet offers download speeds up to 1 Gbps. Most Windstream subscribers have adequate internet speeds, but some people report Windstream’s speeds are constantly slower than advertised.

Frequently Asked Questions About Windstream Internet

  • Is Windstream fiber available in my area?

    Windstream fiber internet is currently available in 17 states, but it’s always expanding. Enter your ZIP code at the top of this page to see if Windstream’s internet services are available in your area.

  • Can I bundle TV with Windstream internet?

    You can add DIRECTV STREAM, DIRECTV Satellite, or YouTube TV to your Windstream internet plan.

  • Does Windstream offer whole-home Wi-Fi?

    You can turn your current Windstream Kinetic Wi-Fi system into a whole-home Wi-Fi mesh network by leasing Kinetic Wi-Fi mesh extenders through Windstream.

  • How fast is Windstream internet?

    Windstream’s Kinetic fiber internet service offers download speeds up to 1 Gbps, while its DSL service maxes out at 100 Mbps download speed. Windstream’s cable plans reach up to 400 Mbps, while its fixed wireless service maxes out at 1 Gbps.

  • Does Windstream require contracts?

    All of Windstream’s internet service plans are contract-free.