The Complete List of Internet Providers in the US

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Internet Providers in the U.S.

We've found 2663 internet service providers in the US. Below are statistics on their coverage and download speeds. Enter your zip code above to see which internet providers offer service in your area.

Smithville Telephone Company Incorporated2,14916.0+ mbps
Sterling Communications2,1482
Ringtel Communications2,1422
MT Networks2,1401
Tohono O'odham Utility Authority2,1381
La Motte Telephone Company2,1371100+ mbps
Harmony Telephone Company2,1282
S&A Telephone Company2,1271100+ mbps
Atlas Telephone Company2,1271100+ mbps
Beasley Wireless2,12611.5+ mbps
Union River Telephone Company2,1161
Nyecom Teleservices2,1021
Beresford Municipal Telephone2,1011
Grand Telephone Company2,0911
LaWard Communications2,0911
Windbreak Cable2,08123.0+ mbps
Riviera Telephone Company2,0741
Dunkerton Telephone Cooperative2,061110+ mbps
RACC Enterprises2,04610.7+ mbps
House Enterprises2,0431
Wisconsin Independent Network2,0413
Choctaw Telephone Co2,03811.5+ mbps
Three River Telco2,0292
High Mountain Farm Broadband2,0211
Elgin TV Association2,0171
Sebewaing Light and Water2,0051
Reasnor Telephone Company2,0041100+ mbps
Olin Telephone Company2,0001
Three River Communications1,9961
Baldwin Nashville Telephone Company1,9951
Yeoman Telephone Company1,9851
Round Top Wifi1,9801
Interlakes Wireless1,9791100+ mbps
Cal-Ore Communications1,9791
Comteck of Indiana1,9691100+ mbps
Superior Telephone Cooperative1,9651
Lingo Networks1,9641
Advanced Integrated1,9622
WifiCow Internet1,95413.0+ mbps
Franklin Telephone Company1,95313.0+ mbps
I Web Conn1,95210.7+ mbps
McClure Telephone Company1,9201
Altatec1,9161100+ mbps
Orchard Farm Telephone Company1,9151
Coon Valley Farmers Telephone Company1,9031
Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone1,9001
New Florence Telephone Company1,8981
Sytek Communications1,8851
Mammoth Networks1,8828
Barry County Telephone Company1,8791
Nunn Telephone Company1,8751
Mound Bayou Telephone1,8621
SOCS Wireless1,85236.0+ mbps
Lenox Municipal Utilities1,8471
Slopeside Internet1,846125+ mbps
Choicetel1,8171,80910.2+ mbps
Craig Cable TV1,8051
Easy Net1,7971
Oregon Farmers Mutual1,7801100+ mbps
RTEC Communications1,7801
Russell Municipal Cable T.V.1,77513.0+ mbps
Richmond Telephone Company1,75910.7+ mbps
North Texas Telephone Company1,7511100+ mbps
Prairieburg Telephone Company1,7411100+ mbps
Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative1,73916.0+ mbps
Viola Home Telephone1,7311
Mother Lode Internet1,73016.0+ mbps
Crown Point Telephone1,72916.0+ mbps
Highland Telephone Cooperative1,71916.0+ mbps
Countrywide Wireless1,7141
Waldron Telephone Company1,7101100+ mbps
Union Telephone Company1,7021
Crosslake Communications1,6981
Sully Telephone Association1,6761100+ mbps
Peace Valley Telephone1,67516.0+ mbps
Mainstay Communications1,6671
Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility1,6671
Humboldt Telephone Company1,6572100+ mbps
North English Cooperative Telephone Company1,6561
Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company1,6511
Bagley Public Utilities1,6471
Sac County Mutual Telephone Company1,6431100+ mbps
Dubois Telephone Exchange1,6432
Glenwood Telephone Company1,6321
Roome Telecommunications1,6281100+ mbps
Medicine Park Telephone Co1,6181100+ mbps
Kennebec Telephone Company1,6121
Huxley Communications Cooperative1,6111
ONE Burbank1,6111
Swayzee Communications1,60913.0+ mbps
People's Telephone Company1,5891
LaValle Telephone Cooperative1,5881
Casey Mutual Telephone Company1,5841

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