Best No Credit Check Internet

Best No Credit Check Internet in 2023

You need a credit check to open a credit card account, buy a car, and to rent a house. Your credit may also be a requirement for landing a new job, getting car insurance, and switching cell phone providers. Still, many don’t know that a new internet service provider might pull your credit before offering you a plan.

Credit checks can be beneficial to you as an internet customer. If you have good credit, you might be eligible for the company’s best rates without penalties, like upfront costs and required purchases. However, if you have bad credit, an internet provider could require you to pay a down payment before getting service or pay more per month for service. Fortunately, there are internet providers that skip the credit check requirements altogether.

Why Do Internet Providers Require Credit Checks?

Approximately 67 percent of Americans admit to never checking their credit score1, but failing to do so can spell trouble when you’re ready to sign up for a new service. A credit check allows companies to look over your credit history to determine what kind of consumer and borrower you are. Companies can pull your credit report from one or more of the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Your credit check shows an internet service provider (ISP) whether you typically make all your payments you owe, pay on time, and are generally responsible with your money. In other words, your credit score and report can tell an ISP if you’re likely to be a good, reliable customer. Your ISP wants to know if you’ll pay your monthly bill on time and if you’re someone who most likely will return the company’s equipment, like a satellite dish or modem, after you’ve ended your service.

Will Bad Credit Stop You From Getting Internet Service?

Usually, bad credit will not affect your ability to get internet service. However, an ISP could require you to pay a down payment before beginning your service. Depending on your income and available funds, this could make it more challenging for you to afford internet service.

Types of Credit Checks

There are two types of credit checks, and it’s important to understand the difference and which one your ISP intends to use.

A hard credit pull is one that banks and lenders often use to get a bigger picture of your credit history. These checks can stay on your credit for as long as two years and may lower your score by a few points2.

A soft credit pull does not affect your credit score and won’t show on your credit report. Companies use these checks to get a view of your credit history without extending credit to you. An employer or landlord might use a soft credit check to learn about your financial history. Companies also use soft credit pulls for preapprovals for a service or credit.

Soft credit checks are the most common credit checks for ISPs to complete, but some might opt for a hard credit check, especially if they’re lending you equipment. If your credit check shows a negative credit history, your ISP might require you to purchase equipment instead of renting it each month.

What Should I Do if My Internet Provider Requires a Credit Check?

It’s best to ask your desired ISP if they will complete a soft or hard credit check before giving your consent. If the ISP does use a hard credit pull for eligibility consideration, you can still request a soft credit pull, but the ISP will have the final say. If the ISP does agree to perform a soft credit check, be sure to get the agreement in writing.

Internet Providers That Require a Credit Check

The majority of ISPs require at least a soft pull credit check for internet service, including:

  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Cox Communications
  • Frontier
  • Mediacom
  • Optimum
  • Spectrum
  • Viasat
  • Windstream

No Credit Check Internet Providers in 2023

As mentioned earlier, most internet providers require a credit check before setting you up for service. However, some ISPs offer specific plans without a credit check or have specific terms in place for those who want no credit check internet.

For instance, HughesNet doesn’t require a credit check for customers who purchase HughesNet satellite and modem equipment for their service. Verizon Fios and Xfinity only require credit checks for customers who don’t sign up for a prepaid plan.

Internet Provider Connection Type No Credit Check Contract Required Monthly Price Range
Xfinity Cable and Fiber Prepaid plans only No contracts for prepaid plans $39.99-$299.95
HughesNet Satellite Available to customers who purchase HughesNet satellite and modem Yes, 2-year contract required $59.99-$149.99
EarthLink DSL and Fiber Select plans only Yes,1-year contract required $14.95-$99.95
Verizon FIOS Fiber Prepaid plans only No contracts for prepaid plans $39.99-$79.99
Suddenlink Cable and Fiber A deposit may be required No $59.99-$139.99

Check to see if any of the no credit check internet providers listed above are available in your area. If not, check with some of the internet providers available in your area to see if they offer prepaid internet plans or will allow you to pay a deposit rather than have a credit check for service.

What To Do if There Are No Credit Check ISPs in Your Area

If you can’t find any no credit ISPs in your area, you could still get internet service without a credit check. First, ask your desired ISP if you can pay a deposit for internet service rather than consenting to a credit check. Some ISPs, like HughesNet and Suddenlink, let you pay for your modem and router or a service deposit upfront instead of a credit check.

Look for internet providers that offer prepaid internet plans. Keep in mind that most providers do not advertise their prepaid plans as much as their contract plans, so it never hurts to ask if they have any prepaid plans available. Prepaid internet allows you to pay for internet service monthly. If you pay late or not at all, the provider can terminate your service, making it less risky for the company to provide your internet. Therefore, ISPs with prepaid internet plans won’t require a credit check.


Can you sign up for internet service with no credit?

You can get internet with no credit when you choose a no credit check internet service provider. Some ISPs have no credit check internet plans, while others offer monthly prepaid plans or require you to pay a deposit for internet service.

Do you need a credit check for WiFi?

WiFi itself does not require a credit check, but your ISP might conduct a hard credit check or soft credit check before providing you with internet service with WiFi. Some ISPs will require you to purchase the WiFi router upfront as a deposit if you have bad credit.

How can I get Verizon Fios without a credit check?

Verizon Fios offers prepaid plans ranging from $39.99 to $79.99 per month that do not require a credit check. Instead, you’ll pay monthly for service without committing to a contract.